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I love reading anything that has meaning or just simply captures my attention. I live in San Francisco , Cali . I'm extremely new at this whole thing and im just mainly writing my random thoughts and creating my stories and drawings with them . My drawings arn't anything special but if u like them then im happy!!!I'm very friendly so don't be afraid to message me!!!

I know it's been like a whole friggin year since I've done anything with my comics... But it's due to the reason that I'm trying to get better at drawing!!! I'm always on my DA account and upload kinda frequently. If you go on there you will definitely see improvement from how I drew a year ago....
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Been a couple years but twas not in vain!! *sweats*
Omg! After a whole friggin year I'm finally updating this comic! (*0*) .So I'm going to be experimenting with the style of the comic for a while til I find the right style. So here is my watercolor style. Might fix in the future. Enjoy!
Omg..thank you so much secret Santa!! It looks amazing!! :DDD
You can always got my deviant art page and checkout my improvement!!!
I highly recommend the book!!!!! :D
Whoop whoop!!
It took much longer then I expected :( At least my wrist my wrist is almost completely healed my love!!! Enjoy. \(^-^)/
I want to thank my SECRET SANTA FOR THIS AMAZING DRAWING!!!! Thank so oh so much!!!! Gaaaaahhhh !!! 8D
Omaaahhh goosssshhhh!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I absolutely freakin love this!!! Asdgjjhklhjk \(^0^)/
Eeerrrrmaahhhgerrrrddddd ...oh so lovely!!!
I like it already!! Wahh
Would not let my Hitlet near the oven in the kitchen... Lol
Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful!!!! Love it and always worth the wait!!
I'm a complete moron so I'm sorry my loves!!! I'll try my best to update!!
This woman is the spitting image of evil!!
Gahhh this is just for all of my lovely readers who r liking the story so far!! Can't wait to see what will happen between these two!! Here's a drawing I did of the two so I hope you all enjoy!!
I have the same hair do to!!
You deserve to be happy!!! How could no one love you!!
November 11th, 2012
Never seen someone use the word " hella" from The Bay Area before!!! Pretty cool since I use it all the time!!!
What's this?? Two comics in one week??? Oh yessss had some extra time so here is a little extra love!!!
I'm loving the!