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For the Record
I am impressed by your artwork. Whether it's talent or work, it's awesome and funny xD
Devil's Advocate
On the other hand, though, would you ever really enjoy being told, "Wow, you must work REALLY HARD on [something you do well]!"

The intent behind both comments is (hopefully), "I am impressed with what you've done," but the implication is either
"You must have begun with more, so you didn't have to try" or
"You're obviously not a prodigy, so you could only reach that stage with LOTS of effort."
Eek. Not the happiest way to wake up D=

Squee! Welcome back... ish!
The Feels!
I has them =(
Squee for the update!

Random Queries: If Samekh isn't Atlantean, makes me curious how he 1) Only speaks their language and 2) Controls water like Nilus does...

And I guess 3) What kind of shampoo does he use? *want*
I wanna say something like Puzzle Fighter 2, something along the lines of Battle Tetris, hehe.

LOVE their matching hair! SO CUTE! Curious why Nilus is in disguise when in a "secure" location, but I suppose better safe than sorry!
Hee hee
Welcome back! Love updates ^^

Jerk Guards are Jerks. Also incompetent ;)
February 28th, 2013
*fans self* Mercy!
Mushy Wall'o'Text
For what it's worth, I'm a spectator. Not a frequent commentator, but a long time reader, and I plan to read 'til this story reaches its conclusion. Whatever you choose to do with YOUR story, I will spectate, and likely enjoy =) Even if I don't enjoy every plot point, I am intrigued enough that I want to see how you have envisioned "the end," as any worthwhile reader should be.

Anyone who wants to deride how you tell your story can shove a jalapeno up a small orifice.

Anyone who chooses to stop reading based on some arbitrary notion of what they feel is "proper" storytelling or "proper" content or "proper" pacing can shove a habanero pepper up an even smaller orifice ;)

<3 much
WB! Page makes me sad (the feelings!), but definitely happy to see Grayscale pop back on my "recently updated favorites" list xD
Good reaction to have, Everywhere!

I love his slightly nervous posture in the last panel <3
November 15th, 2012
I swear your artwork gets better (not that it needed to) every page!

Lovely, and adorable! (don't ever lose that blush, Django!)
Not gonna lie... straight up "Squee"ed when I saw y'all updated!

I do love "S.T.O.P.," but M.A.O.H. has a special-er place in my <3

Welcome back!
I need a cool towel... or better yet, just a cigarette xD
October 15th, 2012
Scarrow probably shouldn't be running right after losing blood... unless Guthlac just took a sip (i.e. show of domination)?

Then again, I'd giggle if he fainted, if only because it'd be so out of character...
Nevermind! Archive oddity fully resolved!

I hope your family stuff works out =(

Charlie learns quickly (I mean... from virgin to incubus!)!
Archive funkiness
Hm, seems I'm going to 5-18 or 5-16 randomly... got to this one by going back to the homepage.

I'm assuming it's 'cuz you're in the middle of updating the website right now (Yay I win the lurker award!)

Love the new pages <3
Ruh Roh
Here comes a new challenger!

Or, since Jack is "straight..." maybe not?
Jerk brother = jerk. Dicen = tsundere jerk.