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that guy you know
Everyone's inside playing X and Y, and I'm just sitting here, waiting for Z
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Evil will always win, because good is dum.
If only the super arm worked that well in the games.
sephiroth didn't actually kill aerith, cloud did.
sephiroth just paralyzed her.
Poor Luigi, and it was his year too.
Gee, I wonder which one Marx named first
The moral of the comic is, whenever something is in your way, you can always kick it down
So the chemical was an amnesia potion mixed with green food colouring and Yoshi genetics.
Curse you butterflies! Your effect ruined dreamland!
Called it! Butterfly effect was late.
sonic is not the fastest thing alive play sonic 2 (before the final fight) if you dont believe me!
looks like marx didn't listen too himself, or the butterfly effect isn't taking effect yet.
either way this won't end well for him.
too much optimism is not a good thing.
my guess is dive man because they have rush marine
I think Dedede has too much girth on him to be squished.
poor megaman.
I love the expressions in the last panel.
7 megaman comics seems like a little too much to me.
that has to be the most anticlimactic end ever.
He could attack Kirby in the past with himself and try to ensure his victory. That way he could get rid of both the XXIs at once. But he'll probably screw that up like pretty much every thing else he's tried in this.