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Varali Hoshiko
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    Varali Hoshiko
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Ahahaha i thought she was gonna flash him too. XD But that would be a little strange!

I'm just glad you updated: the last time I checked you were still on down-on-yourself hiatus. I think your art is wonderful, and I'm glad you're back! <3
Waaagh.. I love himm <3 When was this one added? I can't wait for more. :3
...It's his gaydar.
Actually, I did that too.
Seme would be the dominant one in a male/male relationship.

and i agree- it's rather sexy.


XD <3 This is a great comic so far.
haha so I'm not gonna lie, I didn't think I'd like it when you said Truffles was gonna be a girl... (;_; i'm not against het pairings or anything, just think the plot works better, and I was used to thinking of him as well.. him...) but then I started reading again and I remembered how much I loved your style, and how cute your characters are and blahhhhh I think he... or rather, she.. makes a cute girl.

Especially angry.. whoah, wouldn't want to run into that.
I would probably say more (this is how i get when I'm tired and need to take my cold meds at whatever time in the middle of the night) but I'm supposed to be workin' on a chem. report on prostate cancer.
Which Truffles can't get, anymore.


Well. I love you, and this comic~~! And.. sorry for blabbing on and on. <3 <3 <3
Yay! *five stars*
I like this so far! Is it going to update soon? (don't mind if it doesn't, but just wondering when I should check again.)
i would be crying too XD
I swear, if I weren't afraid of waking my dad up, my fangirl squeal would have killed someone.
aw... they're all so shocked. I'm more shocked at the fact that he said more than five words than I am that he loves the guy..
lol. FANSERVICE!! *woot!*

MAYBE he should apologize?

I love how his nightmare is that he can no longer have any apples..
you can never have too much Samhain.
I vote for Pashedu and Samhain!
Ooh, I just read the whole thing, I love it! Especially Samhain... ehehe
Its Awesome!
that has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen.
awesome.. but maybe a little bit creepy..
yes, it totally looks that way, doesn't it! I love her outfit (not that I would walk around in that or anything..)
lol. nice.
considering how good he's gonna look when he's older, he needs to learn to dress nice now... *licks lips*