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I'm a college student trying to major in fashion marketing. I like to draw web comics for fun. I'm also an amateur fashion illustrator.

I like to draw slice of life romance stories for women about daily life & relationships.

The world of swiping left is pretty sad.
Our leading lady works at a department store. This strip takes place inside the break room.

Jaimie is Gabby's friend that works at the cafe in the department store.
I love your color schemes!

Is this influenced by Tokusatsu or mecha genre?
I love this so far!! It's so pretty & colorful! I wish you would put a summary on the comic profile.
Awesome!! Congratulations!!! I don't get why Yen press didn't pick it up. You did such a good job on interview with a vampire.
Authors comment
This is the last page!! Thank you for reading! I feel good to have gotten this short story over with.
Thank you for posting this!! I remember I use to check this out from the library when I was in High school. This brings back memories.
November 20th, 2013
The main character of this story is really easy to relate to.
I really like your lead female characters.
September 27th, 2013
Your inking style reminds me of Aubrey Beardsley.
Yes!! It's finally started!! Keep posting!
I think you guys need a banner, though.
So, is this comic finished? Do you have any other comics, in the near future?
The gothic dude is hot!!
If there was a print version of this comic, I would totally buy it.
Are Korean game shows really like this?
This is just too cute.
I could see this comic as some cartoon on adult swim.
I could really see this comic adapted into a movie or TV show. Keep it up.