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Boo! Hello, lovelies! I'm Isabel. I like drawing and writing--- alot. I've no occupation because, at my age, it'd be illegal! Haha!
But actually, I am writing a book.
No, seriously.
...Just need find someone who will publish a 14 year old!
Bye, sweethearts!
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mind if i ask-- how often do you generally update?
i just want to read the rest, :3!
which, you know, means that you have an amazing plot and even more amazing art 'cause i don't even like shounen-ai... be proud.
is this comic on
because i luuuuuuuuuuuuuurve it,
and i want to favourite it on onlinecomics, but i can't find it.
so, please, if it is... will you send me the link?