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People don't read this. Which means if you are reading this, you aren't a people! Isn't transitive property fun? Anywho..
I'm just your average, ordinary, run of the mill transgender gal from Alberta. Nothing to see here. I sometimes make poorly drawn web comic for people! Like.. this one! Yay!
Feel free to PM me if you have questions or criticism.
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@Rockwarbler: Wendy is supposed to be a representative of normality. How she supports her friend to the end, but, its never going to be easy for her to do that. Same thing as what happened with the cheerleaders, nobody cares, except when they care.
Or something, I don't know any more.
@Bandana_girl: There is no real her. They are all real her. So.. answer your own question using that? I dunno. Thats sort of the point of this entire transgender webcomic and self hate and stuff that I was writing.
@bexm80: Thats a shame. I could use a second opinion. For all I know I am causing a lot of damage.
@cornchipwarrior: Oh, my bad then. It must get better I guess.
Thats how life works. Its hard then it gets better and then everyone is happy.
@cornchipwarrior: Yeah, no part of this gets better before it gets worse.

Fuck this chapter and fuck the person who wrote it.
@Bandana_girl: Nobody else has a southern accent except Zora.
The other one is Bree, if I recall.
@Rockwarbler: Polyamory is difficult, but from what I have heard, the only thing that really matters is being open an honest. Even if you are allowed to sex up 10 different people, if you go out and sex up and 11th and hide it from your partner(s), then it is a serious violation of trust.

On the other hand, you have affairs, that are almost kind of ok. Usually thats one of those, "I know you are doing it, but nobody should talk about it, so we can pretend like you arent hurting me". This seems to be the direction that Annie is seeing this as? Hard to tell.
@Rockwarbler: Annie specifically asked about fault, which is why it came up. Thats what the nightmares have been, Wendy and others blaming Annie for something. Fault is very relevant.
@cornchipwarrior: There tends to be a lot of layers to what I write. Like I said, I play the long game. Nothing is ever just spelled out, unless I want to hit things with a hammer. This thing with Bree is going to come to a head with a hammer some time soon (fuck this chapter) and then all of the things she has said before now will make more sense. It is really a fucked up, twisted, hurtful web.
Because I was emotionally abused by someone for several years. Anyways..
@cornchipwarrior: There are many paths to abuse. Most everyone standing on the outside can see how Annie is being used/hurt, but she can't. Then pointing out how Annie won't even stand up for herself is another way of hurting and diminishing. There are layers to breaking down a human, Bree is surprisingly good at it.
@Bandana_girl: Erica kind of just exists and people can choose or not choose to recognize her. Sort of like Israel. She is always there, but whether or not you choose to interact is up to you.

How do I get a page every day? I don't! I'm in the process of giving up and maybe taking enough serequol and vodka to kill myself! I'm now three weeks behind! Good times!
@cornchipwarrior: I post in triplicate. I put in a lot of effort. It is primarily wasted. It is what it is, and there is little I can do to solve it. I cannot advertise, and nobody is willing to do it for me. So I help a very, very limited audience, in a shallow and relatively unproductive manner, and fail to do anything that has wider-reaching consequence. Which then trivializes the people who I have helped. So thats nice.
@cornchipwarrior: In the apparently worthless words of Dr Bernt and Alexis-Lynn Bernt - never apologize for who you are or how you feel.

And yes, i was saying that I was sorry to hear that I was helping you, because it means that my malarkey is helpful, and I yearn for a day when what I provide is of nothing.
@cornchipwarrior: I choose to respond to your original comments, because I read them right before watching RP1, which was freaking awesome if you are a nerd around 35 like me.

Smackjeeves lets you post ahead. I am already posted to the end of Jan 2019. So the comic went up at X date, goes live at Y date, and can be commented on at Z date. Most of my posting were done in a drunken stupor in Jan 2018 (3 months ago).

You are correct that what I said is likely past now. And it is, for the most part. That's the fun thing about bipolar, the depression gets drowned out by the mania pretty nicely as the weather gets warmer. I am now in my stages of 'driving way too fast wearing a skirt in the sun'. I probably shouldn't do that now that I have a son, but I can't exactly control it. Isn't that always the issue? Control? I can post so far ahead so that if I die nobody even knows, but it doesn't mean I am not already dead before I post it. Its an illusion. We are all actors and the world is a stage. Then, what is backstage? What truly is?

I don't have anything inspiring to say. I am mostly contemplating stopping writing. The effort and stress I put in, and I still only hit about 400 eyes a day if I am lucky. At this point, my time would be better spent in individual therapy helping people instead of writing this.
@Dragonrider: It takes a little time, but I assure you, he gets his.
Oh yes.. he gets his.
Also, yeah, it is on Annie's mind and she will be bringing it up again soon.
@Bandana_girl: She seems slightly preoccupied. Can't really put my finger on with what though..
@Bandana_girl: Ultimately, don't we all? However, yes, she is just super pale. Winter in Calgary, you either get sunburnt or you become a G-Host. She has opted for the spectral.
...I doubt she gets much skiing done...
...just saying...
...I will show myself out.. hell apparently.

Also if any of you laughed you are all terrible people. But also standard human beings looking at a sad situation of her being in a chair but taking humour in the absurdity of skiing on a wheelchair. It isn't BAD to make jokes like these, so long as they are not done maliciously. It is how people stop treating things as sacred cows and normalize it. Believe it or not, chairs used to be a big fucking deal, and now its like, yeah, so what, they are in a chair. You know some of the ways it was made 'just another thing' like having blond hair? A show where they called the dude Ironside. He couldn't walk, but he was being compared to a freaking battleship for how awesome he was. Now people call others in wheelchairs Ironside and not realize how cool it is, but also know that it is just a thing that nobody actually looks down on. Sure, she can't ski, but clearly she has a doctorate and saves lives. I can't surf, and I have two working legs. I don't know where I am going with this any more, I'm just so fucking tired. Was awake till 1AM helping fix a custody battle. The kid won. Worth it.
@Bandana_girl: Fixed, thanks. I don't have all my fonts at home.
@Bandana_girl: I would make a joke about there being much worse ways to die than potato overload, but, you know, suicide is theoretically bad and all. So like, don't do that. Or you know, get balls removed and then not have to have spiro and then have all the potatos you could ever want. Thats the better option.
@Bandana_girl: Looks to me like Annie is past her suicide days. And apparently her wearing pants around Cindi days.
And when you say potatos..... I like vodka :)