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People don't read this. Which means if you are reading this, you aren't a people! Isn't transitive property fun? Anywho..
I'm just your average, ordinary, run of the mill transgender gal from Alberta. Nothing to see here. I sometimes make poorly drawn web comic for people! Like.. this one! Yay!
Feel free to PM me if you have questions or criticism.
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@Dragonrider: It takes a little time, but I assure you, he gets his.
Oh yes.. he gets his.
Also, yeah, it is on Annie's mind and she will be bringing it up again soon.
@Bandana_girl: She seems slightly preoccupied. Can't really put my finger on with what though..
@Bandana_girl: Ultimately, don't we all? However, yes, she is just super pale. Winter in Calgary, you either get sunburnt or you become a G-Host. She has opted for the spectral.
...I doubt she gets much skiing done...
...just saying...
...I will show myself out.. hell apparently.

Also if any of you laughed you are all terrible people. But also standard human beings looking at a sad situation of her being in a chair but taking humour in the absurdity of skiing on a wheelchair. It isn't BAD to make jokes like these, so long as they are not done maliciously. It is how people stop treating things as sacred cows and normalize it. Believe it or not, chairs used to be a big fucking deal, and now its like, yeah, so what, they are in a chair. You know some of the ways it was made 'just another thing' like having blond hair? A show where they called the dude Ironside. He couldn't walk, but he was being compared to a freaking battleship for how awesome he was. Now people call others in wheelchairs Ironside and not realize how cool it is, but also know that it is just a thing that nobody actually looks down on. Sure, she can't ski, but clearly she has a doctorate and saves lives. I can't surf, and I have two working legs. I don't know where I am going with this any more, I'm just so fucking tired. Was awake till 1AM helping fix a custody battle. The kid won. Worth it.
@Bandana_girl: Fixed, thanks. I don't have all my fonts at home.
@Bandana_girl: I would make a joke about there being much worse ways to die than potato overload, but, you know, suicide is theoretically bad and all. So like, don't do that. Or you know, get balls removed and then not have to have spiro and then have all the potatos you could ever want. Thats the better option.
@Bandana_girl: Looks to me like Annie is past her suicide days. And apparently her wearing pants around Cindi days.
And when you say potatos..... I like vodka :)
@JaxRhapsody: I used to live in some pretty shady places, but never truly ghetto. As in, stones throw from meth houses. The school I went to (the one Annie goes to) is right next to the highest crime area in Calgary, was always a joy going through there. Fun that the two Native gangs, the white gang, and two of the asian gangs of Calgary all wanted that area.. anyways.

I'm not huge on the speed but I do love to accelerate. Going from zero to 60km in 2 seconds is just.. sexy. Its just a little CBR250 but I likes her and she likes me. I don't think I got her over 125km/h before, but that was scary enough for my lizard brain.

The cold and I get along. Its a bear thing.
@cornchipwarrior: You wrote another comment and then deleted it, I would very much like to know what was said.
@sunspark: She.. uh.. is.. literally sitting here trying to shut out outside distractions. Because the hospital told her to.
I'm actively confused by you at this point.
@Rockwarbler: Much of the point of therapy is to look at hurtful things and deal with them. So.. they do quite often and quite deliberately cause pain. The end result is to reduce it.

You know, like breaking someone's leg to fix an improper set from earlier in their life.

As for the whole retard thing, there was a huge push during my school days about the word never being used for any reason. Back in the days when we called it 'politically correct culture' instead of 'sjw bullshit'. It was the first step that I saw in the wrong direction of correcting things, and I was still just a young'un. Instead of just saying "don't use it for insult purposes" it was "never use the word". It is actually one of the reasons why my brain was trained to be so against SJW bullshit these days instead of having a more open mind.
Its a shame that my thought processes have been retarded by how retardedly we treated the word retard.
@sunspark: If that was the case, this comic would not exist.
Unless we are talking only of purely life and death functionality (eating, for example), a person can be as dehumanized as imaginable but still be functionally what others need for relationship purposes.
@cornchipwarrior: I'm sorry to hear that.
@JaxRhapsody: You did indeed talk to me about them and I have been trying to get my brain in a place where I can actually reply. Sorry about that. Not trying to be a full and complete person before helping you, this is just being a functional person.

Sort of on par with the comic, eh?
@Bandana_girl: Do me a favour. When you point our glaring errors on pages that are basically giant text dumps, tell me where I made the error. I mean, I missed it before, chances are I will be just as stupid the second time around.
@Bandana_girl: yes, I am also playing heroes of the storm, and our Valeera was too focussed on killjacking instead of being useful. I just messaged you back.
@Bandana_girl: What can I say. It is a lot easier to be Dr Bernt then there is to be Annie.
What happens when you are both?
You HAVE to watch what comes next.

But seriously I'm dying and I have no idea what to do and I only managed to get through the last 6 hours because of alcohol and I am super close to becoming Kora again! :)
@Bandana_girl: Literally find me a shrink in BC that can handle me. I have $600 a year covered by work and no debt.
I've been through 19.
@Bandana_girl: No no, its ok! Because today I had a complete psychotic break during work and am dissociating terribly, and the alcohol is keeping me together right now! Medicine is medicine!
@sunspark: I really, really want to fix it. I have been mulling over it for days now, and I have decided I will NOT fix it, for the purposes of OCD. I am writing Mar 2018 right now and the theme is 'you cant fix all things and are not obligated to', so this is sort of thematic.
@Bandana_girl: I would say too soon, but I posted this in January and I had no idea Hawking would die. :(