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People don't read this. Which means if you are reading this, you aren't a people! Isn't transitive property fun? Anywho..
I'm just your average, ordinary, run of the mill transgender gal from Alberta. Nothing to see here. I sometimes make poorly drawn web comic for people! Like.. this one! Yay!
Feel free to PM me if you have questions or criticism.
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@mj6373: Shes been forced to grow up in ways nobody should have to at that age. I see her reaction here are entirely valid - she needed a mother and didn't have one. Julie's response was unfortunately valid too - too much is too much. Nobody wins.

Also fixed typos.
@mj6373: No I just suck.

Apparently the end is about halfway through next month, I havent coloured the last pages and I can't do it so they will probably just be in black and white.
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: He seems to understand how teenagers work, not just making wide assumptions. Punishing Annie would accomplish little when she is already punishing herself.

Plus I think he likes that she can keep that guy in check and he doesnt really have to DO anything, so the situation is basically resolving itself.
@mj6373: I got it. It wasn't that the site wasn't hosting, it is that my premium dropped instead of auto-renewing, so it didn't link to the paid domain. bad. Thanks for letting me know.
@mj6373: I can't seem to replicate the problem. Can you take a screenshot and mail it to me? It seems like it should be fine, both my godaddy and my smackjeeves should have autorenewed.
February 27th, 2019
@mj6373: Weighted probability = luck.
Forward momentum = push.

Obtuse author = obtuse.
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: I think you misunderstand. It has already happened. I have stopped producing new comics. I have not drawn or written anything since early summer of last year. There are only a few months left.
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: Given the entire lack of readership and easy to follow characters and storyline, I am not sure a wiki is needed. This was simple but hard themes with simple but nuanced characters. Not that I don't appreciate it, because I really, really do. Its the same reason I never made a "character bios" page.
@Dark_Melody: I am not sure exactly what the last post would be. Right now I haven't actually drawn the last panel of the last page I have written, but the dialogue almost demands that I don't from an artist perspective. Nobody else would like that though, even if it is something "for me".

I am glad the entire thing helped you. That was the point from the start. Venus Envy helped me. Then there was nobody. Then there was me. Now there are a lot of other ones, kinda, I guess.
@Dark_Melody: I did quit drawing them. Well, not so much quit as stopped being able to produce. Either way.

But I did have at the time nearly a year of posts that had yet to go up. I used to be one of those responsible people who worked ahead by a substantial margin.
@mj6373: Its Wednesday.
@mj6373: My hopefully less than failed Mass effect choice wheel?
@mj6373: While yes it is an insert from the author, it is also based on, of all things, powerful business men. You would think French Maids and other "sub" positions would be the primary fetish for men who dominate in their fields. But no, it has been shown time and again that those in power often want to sexually give up the power to a "school teacher" or "female boss" or what have you. Humans are interesting that way.

As it applies to Annie's situation, it is somewhat complicated. As she said, she has been in scary scenes. But being able to let down your guard and let someone else in (pun very intended) is more than a sexual act, it is a trust act.

fun fact: it used to be part of diagnosis that you had to be gay (pre) and straight (post) to be a transwoman. And you had to be submissive. So cultural counterlash made this in to a "you cant do it any more, you are strong and proud" and all that jazz. Meaning Annie saying something like this would make her perceived as a sissy or something instead of a strong girl.

...I need to go to the couch now, my weightlifting gains are making me dizzy as hell. I have very much given up on the being cute thing, I'mma just be me.
@mj6373: Its just a long puffy sweaterdress. Her arms are crossed because she is hugging herself.
@JaxRhapsody: I believe it has been established previously that Annie is uncomfortable with her equipment and only uses it when absolutely necessary. That's "her problem", and not Flint's. I too have been with a translady who was more comfortable with pre-srs attachments, while I fell more in to the "leave that thing alone" camp.

I really doubt Flint considers her anything but entirely a girl regardless of what she has. Sort of like how he sees Mal.
I do wonder how he sees Mal if Mal shows up all crying and girly and unbinded though. Since he knew Mal before. I'm sure it is either complicated or very simple.
@Sophie, the weird one: That was the intention behind the comic. And not just for other people, but for myself. Sort of like VR for people with war PTSD, I was writing for trans people who never recovered from their internal wars.
January 11th, 2019
@Lessa: No, I dropped Patreon, not the other way around.

Basically, Patreon has decided that free speech does not matter. Sargon of Akkad, while a real asshole, made his living there. The platform removed him despite him being entirely within their terms of service because he dared to use words that hurt people's feelings.

There was a time in history when being a fag hurt people's feelings. There was a time when being a tranny hurt people's feelings. A whole lot of people crushed a whole lot of free speech because they felt it was the right thing to do.

Who gets to decide who is right? The moral majority? The feminazis? The moderate middle? Free speech is free speech. Patreon decided that only the left is allowed to speak on their platform - I am not left. I am moderate. I cannot, and will not, let them have a cut of any money I might make.

That, and since I havent been able to write for a while now, I cannot justify taking people's money in general. It has been said that an author keeps making money for their book sales for all of time even when they stop writing. To me, Patreon is more like a promise of making more stuff, as opposed to a "stuff was already made".

January 11th, 2019
You might note there is no patreon plug. Thats because I no longer have one.
@JaxRhapsody: The only thing it "makes you" is happy or knowing that it doesn't make you happy.
Trying to judge yourself or put yourself in a stupid little slot to find other likeminded lemmings when you are just yourself and you are NOT them and theres no point in trying to be THEM when you are YOU?
Or something like that, I don't know, Im just so tired. Its one of the reasons I cant do this any more, the whole transtrender thing has just destroyed any semblance of me being able to help people..
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: Its the easiest way to define parameters of land or driveway space (especially in deep snow) by putting the line between posts. Barbed wire is generally easier than finding non-barbed wire, for some reason.

Its a farm thing.