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People don't read this. Which means if you are reading this, you aren't a people! Isn't transitive property fun? Anywho..
I'm just your average, ordinary, run of the mill transgender gal from Alberta. Nothing to see here. I sometimes make poorly drawn web comic for people! Like.. this one! Yay!
Feel free to PM me if you have questions or criticism.
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@oliviana: No free time. Gotta look after the little human who is now 4, and... for reasons.. train to be a powerlifter.

Never forget how far we can come from where we were. Always be who you are, especially when it is hardest. I am happy to have inspired you, I hope it leads you where you need to be.
@littlebeast: Its hard deliberately making typos.
Duck autocorrect in the ducking face.
@littlebeast: Golgari makes more sense for his ability to propogate fish and loaf tokens, or perhaps Azorious since knowledge/order, but he was also an angry panda from time to time so Boros works.
@littlebeast: Primarily because I am bad at photoshop, but really its awesome because THATS HOW DRUGGED SHE GETS!
I think they did it on a cartoon once too, wish I could remember which, where they could see the line between panels. I liked that effect.
@littlebeast: Two good reasons;
1 ) It is covered by most Alberta health care plans
2 ) the author doesnt know any other anti-androgens.
April 15th, 2019
@littlebeast: The difference is, Annie is not a real being. And yet, I still can't keep doing these things to her even though she isn't real.
An all-loving god shouldn't be able to do this to a real being, let alone fictional ones.
@littlebeast: Information is my god. So swearing to google just makes sense to me. Plus, trying to raise the little human secular and let him make his own religious choices when he grows up, so we are trying not to say god.
@littlebeast: You can be open minded to generalities, and close minded to the person you chose to be with.

I'm perfectly willing to be the asshole in this situation, but when my fiance was with me, she assumed I was a boy. I thought I was too. Turns out I wasn't. She isn't gay. Seems like pretty good grounds to not be together.

Mostly, it is a joke though, about Dan Bernt doing something unexpected and out of what you would expect him to do. Especially since it would also impact his work life, which is being a doctor, and patient comfort/hygiene matters.

I dunno, its multilayered, try to take it as a joke from someone lambasting against gender roles by implementing them unfairly to make a point about how Tony/Toni/Annie is not in the same situation as Dan Bernt.
@firestarter3d: Especially true if they do hormone cycling (3 weeks on and one off). I dont have the science for that but it seems unnecessary from what I've read.
I never thought I would be alive at the end of this 7 years. I never thought I would have hope again. I never thought I would stop cutting, stop drinking, stop pushing everything away so I couldn't be hurt. So much darkness for so long.

Now, I don't have a suicide note. I haven't hurt myself in years. I have someone who cares about me that I am almost able to open up to after the years of emotional abuse from the previous relationship. I have (more or less) a son. I drink much less. I even go to the gym - to the point where my formerly 260lb fat guy body is now a 180lb healthy girl body.

Please talk to each other and be willing to listen. A good person can make bad arguments. A bad person can make good arguments. Be a human first, be a race/sex/minority/mental illness/whatever else second. Or maybe not at all. Am I a transwoman? Sure, always will be. But its far less important than being a woman. A manager of my work minions. A mother (more or less). I worked for the things I've earned. I stopped yelling at people and started listening. I stopped being about my illnesses and worked to be.. me.

Look up. Love yourself, even when it feels impossible to do so.
@mj6373: Shes been forced to grow up in ways nobody should have to at that age. I see her reaction here are entirely valid - she needed a mother and didn't have one. Julie's response was unfortunately valid too - too much is too much. Nobody wins.

Also fixed typos.
@mj6373: No I just suck.

Apparently the end is about halfway through next month, I havent coloured the last pages and I can't do it so they will probably just be in black and white.
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: He seems to understand how teenagers work, not just making wide assumptions. Punishing Annie would accomplish little when she is already punishing herself.

Plus I think he likes that she can keep that guy in check and he doesnt really have to DO anything, so the situation is basically resolving itself.
@mj6373: I got it. It wasn't that the site wasn't hosting, it is that my premium dropped instead of auto-renewing, so it didn't link to the paid domain. bad. Thanks for letting me know.
@mj6373: I can't seem to replicate the problem. Can you take a screenshot and mail it to me? It seems like it should be fine, both my godaddy and my smackjeeves should have autorenewed.
February 27th, 2019
@mj6373: Weighted probability = luck.
Forward momentum = push.

Obtuse author = obtuse.
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: I think you misunderstand. It has already happened. I have stopped producing new comics. I have not drawn or written anything since early summer of last year. There are only a few months left.
@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: Given the entire lack of readership and easy to follow characters and storyline, I am not sure a wiki is needed. This was simple but hard themes with simple but nuanced characters. Not that I don't appreciate it, because I really, really do. Its the same reason I never made a "character bios" page.
@Dark_Melody: I am not sure exactly what the last post would be. Right now I haven't actually drawn the last panel of the last page I have written, but the dialogue almost demands that I don't from an artist perspective. Nobody else would like that though, even if it is something "for me".

I am glad the entire thing helped you. That was the point from the start. Venus Envy helped me. Then there was nobody. Then there was me. Now there are a lot of other ones, kinda, I guess.
@Dark_Melody: I did quit drawing them. Well, not so much quit as stopped being able to produce. Either way.

But I did have at the time nearly a year of posts that had yet to go up. I used to be one of those responsible people who worked ahead by a substantial margin.