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Aurelia Cetinn
I'm mad but not in a crazy way, at least thats what THEY told me...
my username is not my real name
if you would like to see other art by me go here:
at lassssssssssst my jooooooke has come alongggggg...................

for the release of inquisition which has not been released in my country but has been released in america today cuz they get everything... i currently know nothing about the game because i want it to be a surprise
anyway so the joke is simple:
you have always been able to sleep with Isabella in the games (awakening was a expansion it doesn't really count)
so we would be surprised nay shocked if you didn't get to sleep with Isabella in the new game

so me and sith always said we would do another ending at the bar but for fun not for the original reason
funny thing me a sith were going to do another comic that was 3 parts and very funny but then i randomly went up to him and we started talking about how you are a cruel using pimp with Allistair if you romance him and thus i sith made a joke i made and thus this 2 part comic was born the next page coming in the 2 days and i did the jokes for it so it's favourite with this page both me and sith made the jokes look forward to it

oh i drew the preset grey warden from the original adverts in case you were interested.
when i finished the comic all i could think of was old spice

enjoy this quick little comic!
i like ike! i mean, i like Kitties!

if ubisofts get there way
you i swear this site ruins the quality of pic
i told wew were gonna do a assassins creed comic
yeh so this was just a quick comic i did i mean c'mon you know someone had to make this joke oh and the assassin is non specific.
oh 3 dragon age comics are on the way next;gotta get those done before November when the jokes aren't current anymore
that's right i copied and pasted ha ha!
told you we'd branch out.
ok so i finally played xcom and me and sith got obsessed with the random nicknames the soldiers would get, recently shit got a Nigerian character who got named lady grey so we came up with this!

we also have a assassins creed comic coming up
ha ha ha
the shepard method!
yes me and sith are back with some comics! i have been very busy but when we finally came up with a good idea for mass effect that wasn't an ending at the bar i ended up obsessing and after 4 hrs of work here we are.
to make up for a absence of comedy comic there will be 3 more comic s coming i will tell you they will be dragon age and a few xcom jokes that right! we can branch out!

one last thing keep an eye out at christmas time because i owe both sith and everyone 3 more ME3 endings at the bar :D

(C) series bioware
brilliant! ha ha
also was the "tweet" about how hawke dumped a statue that was a dead body a reference to recent real world news report?
@zenat: ha ha indeed
oh and imagine if the DLC had quick-time-events
that would raise the awkward meter up to 11...
DA3 DLC cullen age coming 2015?

but is cullen really going to have that shoulder gauntlets that fluffy i hope you get to poke them
ha nice!
i bet it wouldn't be as terrifying if it was female hawke's voice :D
is that how apostate submit to Templars? XD

congrats on making 3yrs of hilarity XD
i did this for a great musician and he loved so i shared it
note: next one will have a kind of background

so here is the announcement i was talking about a little strip series or dragon age called DRAGGING MAGES' ORANGES
we will follow the game in order but only draw comics on part that are important like a few scenes in mages circle or when you meet zevren not every mission
the character is based on my brother and assistant writer sithmaster56a he really does look like that no joke
oh and that's meant to be me but i don't like drawing myself too much so it won't sell as a portrait.
this had to be done fast i'm super busy at the moment
so this is a thing i do now not just 2 version of this comic now 3 version, just because
just to say we are working on a small DA0 parody but it's a series that connect it's still going to be stupid but hopefully fun
merry Christmas
happy holidays
garrus, garrus, garrus, garrus, garrus, garrus, garrus.

agreed XD
my sister made the same mistake XD
but were you ever tempted to romance thane or jacob before ME3 came out?
when this happened to my sis she explained
that the reason it was happening is because her character was "soo awesome that the dragons would get depressed and commit seppuku every time they saw her"
and that is how you photoboom!
i love that the Qun is who they're writing too XD
when i played the magisters orders i took fenris he offered to kill him so i assumed that would mean he like me more and that i was doing the right thing
BOY WAS I WRONG...fenris you douche.
so this was a quick idea i had while on the crapper and it was a good excuse to try out new colouring styles
ha ha!