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Orange Sonic 21
I'm a Sonic fan. Is there really much more to it?

I also change my Avatar a lot.

Go figure.
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@Zackepic22: I cannot believe that I somehow managed to get an email notification about this webcomic. I had forgotten about it for like... 8 YEARS? Wow! Holy jeez, what a blast from the past. Good to know I was the prime-a example perfecta immature 13-15 year old.
If Slice had an angel form, this is what it'd look like. O_o
I forgot what you call his beast form. Please tell me I got the look right... XD

I did get Roziac drawn, but it looks nothing like the sprite, and my dad forgot to scan it. @.@
Bingo/Bongo. If you know his name, fix the title.

Concept art of how I imagined Bi(o)ngo the monkey. I based it entirely off his sprite. I think it looks pretty good.
Character concept art for Void in his normal form. He can shapeshift, but this is generally what he looks like.
Sorry once again for my absense. Life decided to race me and caught up to me, so I've been dealing with it for a few weeks. Anyways, I have new sub-character scans. ^_^

PHOTOIMPRESSION?! That's what I use to detail my detailed stuff! That's DETAILED!

I use it to shade and smudge my art into awesomeness!
Oh, well welcome to Smackjeeves, the site that's...

proudly hosting 10,000 webcomics?

*Is sad because sister cannot enjoy pop-corny goodness*

If you think about it, like in Sonic X, Chris's world was a parallel dimension to Sonic's world, and because of that they had a direct link to each other.

(Lol, I watched Sonic X. Too bad 4KIDS WRECKED THE EPISODES, I mean, for gods sake, they edited out the best parts! *goes off steaming mad*)

The Nega World is more of a 'twilight world', like in Twilight Princess. It's in the same dimensional plane, but almost on the flipside of what Mobius's light world would be. But it's not on the flipside either; it's between the light and the dark; also known as 'negative space'.
I posted my opinion a couple posts up.
Oh and Slice's world is Mideval, but it's almost always a sorta dusk-twilight setting, because the sun of their solar system (which is parallel to Mobius's solar system, thus a portal was made between the two dimentions when Slice escaped,)never has light truely reach the planet like Mobius, which is why their planet was powered by light-generating crystals, which were consumed by Void and transferred to spitting out darkness, which was part of the fog that killed everyone.



Junking up the comics?

I hope my concept art isn't junking up the comic. (O.O)'

And I agree; no more authors. That way whatever happens is controllable and the plot doesn't randomly go from being about demons to being about 'how banana chips cost less at Publix then the International Market' or something.
Text teh pwn!

It looks like that word art from Microsoft word sorta.


Yay, Text teh PWN!
But I WANT TO! *gets into pointless and completely off topic rant about how Chinchillas don't make good coats*
Lol at Neroe.

Teel... what did you mean by that. O_O

Tahra, the ENDING of the comic is completely different from any sort of topic of the plot, so it isn't really possible. T.T
They don't take that long.

Each picture takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes, depending on my knowledge of the character or if I have an image source to base my picture off of.

I was planning on drawing ALL authors, as a top priority, then doing secondary characters. So yeah, I was gonna draw you.
Okay, that should be a good enough lead.