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hey dude how are you
Issat a Mad Max reference by that yellow fellow?
It's funny how newer versions of paint mess up the colors on sprites.
I notice you used the MMZ slashes for Blade Man, those don't really fit the way he's swinging the sword (that or Sword Man REALLY damaged Blade's arm). But, still good pages. Keep up the good work. :)
This might not be the first time Wily's attacked the city, the intro of MM7 is an example of it. And there were craters all around the city (for the purpose of platforming maybe, but still damage to the city). So this shouldn't throw them THAT out of the loop.
That was the idea actually.
So Axl's has Ezio's hidden blade. BUT WITH LAZERS!!!
Conglaturations! You have made a great sprite comic, now go rest our hero!
Maybe one, or both, or none. :P
It's not even a recolor, it's an edit. A pretty heavy edit at that.
How time flies...
This was supposed to be uploaded 2 days ago, but I snoozed off.

Armmagedon is not very fond of the Hunter's resistance. If it wasn't very obvious. Glide is out of the ring temporarily so it's up to Axl to deal out some justice upon this enemy. Until next time!
Yup. But he doesn't need full health. Just rage.
Obvious reference is obvious.
Part 3 of Triple Update

Here's one of Glide's friends! He doesn't last long... Until next time!
Part 2 of triple update.

Old friends enter by blowing up the wall that always seems gets destroyed. Glide from the Arctic Unit has arrived for revenge, and he's brought a few friends. Until next time!
That took longer than expected...
So, back. Computer has stabilized (hopefully for a longer period than the last time...). Lost some files that need replacing, but nothing too major. So to make up for my absence, here's a triple update. :D

Effects? BLASPHEMY!!! So yeah, started doing that. :P Don't expect too much of it as I'm still learning the ropes, so don't expect anything spectacular.

The battle with Armmagedon continues, and it appears his weakness has been discovered (OR IS IT?). Axl has returned from his mission to help out in the matter. Until next time!
The horns are a dead giveaway.
Oh hai X2 Intro Boss.
While I mostly agree with that, the same could be said about you.
That can't be Blues, he has eyes!
Okay, I can barely work my computer now, it may bluescreen as I type, so more hiatus... Sorry, but, I can't really do anything at the moment in terms of updates... :(