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What a sweet ending! I liked the bits coming up to it too, with Mizume redeeming himself and Andrea and Flavio making up somewhat, and of course the "I'm a man" reveal was hilarious! It's been a fun ride, thanks!
November 23rd, 2013
The last few pages are awesome. I love the last panel of this one... They're trying to so hard!!! Glad to get caught up.
Wheee, this got so action-filled and more exciting! It was cool coming back to a bunch of pages after getting behind!
I love how determined he looks in this page in his pretty pink dress <3

"Look mom, a pervert" was cute, too!
Ffffff... just caught up on the last three pages and DAYUMN is this some beautiful steaminess. I love how you draw these two, especially in this doujin!
She's so badass. Muahahah!
@Daeva-kun: ... I knew that, I just typed the wrong thing. I'm having a dumb day, sorry!
Heheheh I like mopey Mizume and creepy Guri!!!
what a beautiful page, heartwarming...
awww, so sweet!
Awww <3 Very reasonable, La'akea, very reasonable. Makes me happy.
La'akea's face in the last few panels. I love it <3
Yayyyy update! He looks so badass, I love the casual walking around with the axe... Thank goodness the powers are keeping the allergies in check!
Mmmm sexy and beautiful and BOOBIES! Yay!!!!
Shark Gods, not Shark Men. My error.
*happy flail* I am enjoying the shark men very much and the relationships make sense! Glad to have had several pages to read, I'm nervous but excited!
Wheeee this is getting so exciting!!!! Thank you for making and posting so many pages in a short period of time!
Gahh so much heartwrenchingness and sexiness too <3 beautiful!
This is so beautiful and heartbreaking, I love it. STICK IT IN, RENJI! She wants to help you and she wants you too <3 <3
Ffffff this is gorgeous and sad and sexy and beautiful <3 <3