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Depressed community college art student likes fiction.
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Oh, man. What did Simo do to her?
ohoho! what could be in that envelope?
I don't know.
I really can't figure out why I keep trying to bring this comic back to life. It's not like they are profound or even marginally funny. It's more like a diary. Of stupid things. Anyways, It gets me to practice drawing faster. This took me 30 min. And if that's a short amount of time for a comic, then you can imagine how long it would take if I were doing these seriously.
... Why do you have to make fun of my dream?
I felt really bad when I woke up.
Oh... dear. She thinks it's going to be easy reconnecting.
... The speech bubbles are good...
Your art has changed again. It's gotten better since the last time I've checked in. ^^
That's right!
Who listens to old people anyways? XD
Ah.. Crud.
My handwriting sucks. I got a tablet. I'm pretty bad at coloring. I apologise. Also, my creativeness has hidden itself. Still trying to find it. $10 reward.

Just in case you can't read it:
Panel 1.
Mandy: I'm so glad it's winter break. Now I don't have to feel guilty when I slack off.
Will: You know... We have school tomorrow.
Panel 2.
Mandy: WHAT?!
Will: Oh. Guess you didn't.
Panel 3.
Mandy: I didn't do my homework! D:
Panel 4.
Mandy: Will...
Will: Yeah?
Panel 5
Will: ...
Panel 6
Will: *shreiks*
Panel 7
Mandy: Where did my break go? Where?
Yeah! Go Bar-man! I've forgotten most of the character's names.. ^^;
Chicken Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn.
Eh? Eh? Not quite, he says. What is he then?
Paraniod is another word for narssicist.
Oooooh, my dearies.
I got hit with a bout of nostagia. Or whatever that word is. I realized I'd never drawn KC. She is no longer with us but she was about to be introduced to the comic. So there she is. In all her beautious semi-chibi glory. Will is really hard to draw. ><
Yes. I do have messy hair. It's a lot shorter now, but for the sake of the comic, and my screaming sanity,it shall be that length forever. I think I was going to color this.. But I'll just color Will's cuz it looks the worst and I feel bad.
Triple vision! Awesome!
Ahaha!!! Belle! You now have a girl's name.
Oooookay. I was massively confused for a second because it went from page 09 to page 20.
It's all good now. I understand. The little vampire is so cuuuute~! <3
Heh.. This was actually on my other comic.. which is gonna be redone.. I'm back to drawing with my mouse, kiddies. Isn't that fab?! *hysterical laughter*
wow.. no wonder he became a serial murderer..
I say, old chap
Psh. This is totally not a filler. It is simply a page I wrote while waiting for the script which I have received very recently. Ah, my stupidity. :3
Ah jeezus! he has four arms!
And then I looked a little closer and saw that it was not so..
This page is so funny! XD