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Happy 2019
So glad to see you and your creations again. Your art makes me want to bring it on
I wait with baited breath...May 2018 be a spectacular AngiChan year!!
how I have missed this so...real life sucks without my Zoshi
@angichan: Welcome back beautiful. You were missed. Bring it on...spin a tale and I'll be here
@Notation: Take your time love and let me know if there is anything I can do to help in anyway
@Grizzly Guardian: I did the exact same thing (from Charleston to Seattle )back in Nov 13 - with 100# of luggage and my laptop
@angichan: *takes a bow* Thank you lovely. It's your story..I just liked filling in the gaps. Could never be as great as the original though.
@Xejn: Thank you for reading it. Angi's artwork is a true inspiration for me.
The flute
This throws my fanfic brain into a tizzy. Zoshi is going to murder Finch for Kea...I'm tingling all over. Angi, email me when you get a chance...I've been thinking!!
Ohh Anne, hon if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.
Darling, please let me know if there is anything I can do....miss you girl
The things that tongue could do..wowzas!!
Welcome back love...and what a way to fuel that flame every time I see these two. Yowza.
So excited...I can't wait for you to be off school again. I've missed this troublemaker so much
Those eyebrows and thick eyelashes..I kind of want to kiss and lick them..
Anyways, brilliant profile pic of the lovely demon
I wait with bated breath...and pen in hand for a minor crack fic featuring our fav lass and the Red Pup - a christmas wish !
Thank you Angi for thinking it was good enough to be posted on your site. It's because your story and art are so brilliant that I felt compelled to write. Thank you for the kind words for those of you who liked it.
Did I order one Angi? I think so right?!?

Too tired to remember..but you know I will support you til the bitter end.

Your work continues to be amazing.
Ill follow you to the end and back again dear.
@Xejn: Momma must have been a long way from home since Ven sounds like a Spaniard.?!