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@DaBrokor: And Djoing is doin the dinosaur
We Still Hace To Cross This Route? Hace?
@ZT: And Bulba MF Saur
Hatsuharu fangirl
I know your avatar!Lavi!
how long until Neko comes back?
that is exactly how i felt.
So true. I hated that part.
away with it!
And the fourth wall goes *poof*.
umm, everyone but mario has sprites for 2d gba
i has dat comic!
reply to mariokong
It is the red mage hat! the other one wore it for awhile.
I think it just extends the last pixel back far.
suddenly they both teleport onto a huge tree and somehow, edd is alive and up there too.
He looks like he has a huge brain.
I mean bomb man