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New Fan
Woohoo! I'm stalking yo.. your comic from now on. :D
You're alive! I'm glad you're back and I see your style improved.
You idiot! How dare you run away from that nice piece of high class ass!
It's more sexy when it's your enemy. XD
Sebby: *pokes as well* o_o
Hmmm... *tummy growls while looking at Sebby crabby*
Please don't take it down! Or else I'll.... saw my arms off? D;
Ohh! I like where this is going. <3
Awww. Niki is jealous. ^^
Hahaha! I love the third panel. XD
November 15th, 2008
Scales on her butt?! XDD I wanna check... <_< >_>
She's too adorable! *steals her for herself* Mwahaha!
Flounder is so tiny... o__o So cute!
I'm curious to see how Flounder looks like. ^^
September 14th, 2008
o__o I faved this comic for so long and I finally read it?! *bangs head in keyboard*
Damn! >< *does to force the other 50 people*
There's a fan base on livejournal on those two pairing. I shall let them know what your comic. <3
Gordon and Batman! <33 Batman and robin wasn't enough for you? XDD
Aww! He looks so close of killing those whores. XD
Awww. I was hoping for some nice dragging Connor by the legs to safely while he continues to bitch and whine.

Gah, I dislike holding hands even with a lover. It feels so wrong if my hand is able to fall off.