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I like quesadillas...
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Haha, I see what you did there...
@Djoing: It's true. Thanks!
@Super Bluey: This was Dedede's first appearance: Thanks for commenting! :D
@ForestFire: 10/10 would parrot again! Thanks for the comment!
@ColdFusion: IKR?! Thanks for the comment!
@Quinn: You'll have to keep reading to see! Thanks for the comment! :D
@syrnak: Hi! Thanks for the comment! Sweet Reichel says she's glad you like it and that she hopes your new mains appear soon.
Thanks for the comments, guys! :3
@Syrnak: He is, he has a driver that follows him everywhere. Thanks for the comment!
@Hij: That's Sheik! Thanks for the comment :D
We're also posting the individual pics in the blog: :3
@Syrnak: what ballot?
@Noremac: It's Team Rocket pretending to be Ash... Thanks for commenting!
@Astartes: Thanks! :D
@Vulcan: Hey! It's true! That looks like an Arbok! :)
@Noremac: You remind me of your father when he went here. He was a slacker, too. LOL, no. Thanks for the comment!
@ColdFusion: Very appropriate XD
Thanks for commenting!
@Eccles: Thanks for following the Comic, we really appreciate it! :3
Don't listen to her lies! LIES!
@SweetReichel: You're the third worst person D:
@meta-eggplant: We're glad you found it! Thanks for commenting :D