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me wellll im me ...wanna know more email me at jonatha9999 @ [without the spaces]and ask [say your a user on here though]
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BDAY!!!! ^>^ doughnuts

hope you had a good bday!!
Andi's butt
had to look at it again ;) I see what you mean!
yuffie is so cute the way you draw her :)
Hey Enkida!

That Limit break was kewl! I have been missing Growth for a while and now ^.^ it gives me something to read during the day [at lunch]

Good to see your up and about again. This fight scene is just in time, I an im a message board RP and was gonna create one of the last servivors!!! I will credit you with the ideas of course :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE :) *thinks about making a facebook group for the comic*
why are the deamons so cute?
Elise -.- Rest well, I'm gonna have to sit in a dark room after reading this -.-
too cute -.-
YAY!!!! good to see your back!
*sighs* what is it with gays and lesbins [spelling?] being my best friends.

I could actually tell them anything and know that it would change nothing.

^.^ this comic made me think of me and my friend V, she was leaning back against me and we were just chatting bout stuff. She is so sweet but needed taken care of.

anyways, what i really mean to say is this is the only comic which really made me think about my friends thankyou!
...crap... i know this can't say all i would hope to say but. the dots say all that needs to be said ? right?

It just needs to be that we are thinking of you and your troubles.

take good care and hope out

ugn i am not the sorta person to say things like this and so often get it wrong ...but i wish you well.
:D this comic is so cute and awsome!
This comic is just amazing, detail and styles, and more are so acurate, you must have red the books! [pssst do a fanpic of piemur]

The Guys in this are really sweet *blushes* anyways *wonders off*

*runs back*

oh oh oh Merry Xmas!

just as well the treat of thread is over for now

*sighs* I wish I had a dragon or at least a fire lizard
If the master weaver is willing why not use him? besides at hatchings and the times after it often all the lower people are busy.

and that cub in the 3rd panel in sooo adorable i just wanna cuddle it
July 15th, 2008
nice page ^.^ good work
ooooh so preaty :)