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Hmm, I am Joanna and I like dessert, writing and reading. I also am practicing how to draw now.

So.. anyways, I think Yaoi is pretty damn awesome.
Shounen can be amazing if the author can get the story right and I like Shojo without those annoying, wimpy spineless female male character.

I respect guys who wear pink and don't care what the world thinks.

Hmm... my favorite non-romantic manga that made me cried more than three times is Nabari No Ou. It is so amazingly good. Both the anime and the manga rocks.

My current profile picture is of one of the main characters in it.

Our Facades (BL/Yaoi)

Creator, Writer, Scripter- Me(hushsee)
Artist- Jesstar

Coming soon..
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December 23rd, 2014
Ahhh giveaway~ Wantt~
September 10th, 2014
It's fine! Take your time :D We can wait!

And Floran you little cutiepie. I just want to squeeze your cheeks even more you adorable bby.

And Raven... stopp doing whatever you doing, you gorgeous vampire.
Hm, I guess I do prefer the short hair look tho.

Again I just want to squeeze Floran's pouty cheeks. He was so cuteeee~
Of course he would be thinking of that... Sushi was a maiden afterall :P

He's so cute though... and yay for the the other idiot of the idot couple's view.
Oh my gosh Floran you are adorable~
I just want to squeeze those blushy cheeks

And Raven... you are reallly gorgeous unf~ You have the ability to make all blush I can see :P

Don't worry about meeting the deadlines~ we will always be here~

(As response to your last response to my comment~ I love L-Elf too~ (HARUELF ;W;) that's why I changed it and I was surprised too actually because I had the other one for so long xD)
Sooo bright~

And boom Raven... I think.

I really love the lighting and the bird and Floran in general because he is so precious. On to the magical meeting~~
Wow everything is so bright and pretty and Floran looks gorgeous as ever. BBY.

Really can't wait to see what's in the past or who or what Floran is even if I do have a few guesses :3

Grogeous art as always <3
Floran bby, sooo cute petting Lily. Those two are so cute.

A hot gorgeous cutie animal lover. Or is it just cat-lover xD

He seems to get distracted easily. Precious bby.

I think you should start with "what are you" first hon.

Don't be sorry :D Work is work :)
You might not be a dog dog, but you still technically... a wolf... which is technically...umm... in the doggie family... so... the cat is right.

And Floran is all like "..." BBY.

And yeah, you shouldn't lose it and grabbed your love's handsome might-be-dream-protector/demon bro-bro like that.

But at least you said sorry... and hopefully Irie really is sleeping or the walls are not thin.

Lovely, love as always~
May 20th, 2014

Okay then.... definitely threatening for sure.
HAHAHAHAAHAHA, TAKESHI STOP WASTING THE LUBE! You are not supposed to do that with lube. You are pouring it in the wrong area.

Poor Sushi with lube mouth from what I see.
Aki, you are soooo cool >3<

Street instict definitely came in handy and all those surprised looks makes me chuckled especially the dude the booth belongs to :P

I bet it is going to be a home pet~
May 19th, 2014
So Robbie is one of those cute popular types that is just naturally popular and he doesn't really know it xD

He's adorable, I can what people like him :3
Aki is going to get more than a goldfish I hold with that look.

*whistle* Someone is putting in their street smart attitude in :P

... I trust in Aki... I do...
Everyone is happy and I love how you draw your fishes <3

And Ryuuta and the kiss that is given to him of course :P

Aki have such a lovely smile heh<3

and I kind of miss Hiwashi already :P
I am probably going to keep Hiwashi as a cute pet name for Hisawa xD

He is such a nice guy and I hope to see his happiness soon even if I prefer him as uke :P
May 16th, 2014
Eizo and his thoughts of what to do is really cute!~

Liking it already~
May 16th, 2014
Oh I hope he's the uke!

I like dark-haired boys like him on bottom and pretty cuties like Yukio on top <3~
Awwww Hiwashi!

I hope he finds a good seme...errr I mean cute lover... of course even if I do like the idea of him being bottom.

I like really wanted him to be the uke, but it seems like that won't happen ahah

But Ryuuta took the spotlight with his words. Baby <3~
Floran is sooo hot even when grabbed like that.

Rudee, you shouldn't grab someone that hot when they are talking.

... DREAMS.... is he one of those dream demons?

Floran is probably going to one of my bias after Cedric.

Golden eye and star... now I really don't know what to expect, so I will just wait calmly.

Lovely as always!~
Like Ryuuta-sama said~

Aki is sooo cute and of course he would spot his Kaidou~

and Kaidou looking so relieved make me happy, but at the same time. I am unhappy that he would think Aki would leave him.

Hisawa needs a someone. He's so nice~