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I think it's time to update my description, since the last one was old and slightly outdated. ...Okay, not much has really changed with me, but still. Older, wiser, yadda yadda.

So! I love writing (English Writing Major), reading, drawing awesome pictures, horses, ice skating, buying things off Amazon for myself and others, and just stuff like that. ^^

Currently a college graduate doing that whole in-between, not-sure-what-I'm-doing thing. Working at Macys in the meantime. Drawing comics. Writing stuff. You know.

I also love Star Trek, Doctor Who, the X-Files, and other stuff like that. <3 (Basically anything nerdy ever.)

I have a deviantart account! It is at

Thanks for visiting!
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@KawaiiYusra: Wow, thanks for all of the comments! I'm sorry I didn't see them until now--obviously been on a bit of a hiatus. I'll actually be continuing the comic soon, but on a different website! I hope you'll come visit it there. ^^ ~Loserx0rz
Big Changes Coming
Here's the last page I had already started. There are big changes coming for Love on the Line. Please stay tuned for more information coming shortly!!
January 8th, 2016
@ecstacywolf: ?? He didn't hurt her. He just hugged her, and then passed out 'cause he was exhausted. You mean earlier? He didn't hurt her then either--he just freaked out a little when she wanted to take his scarf, but he didn't do anything.
Next up in my collection of Zodiac characters is Matt, representing Taurus! I'm pretty excited, because he's the first guy Zodiac I've done! I asked a friend to pick which one I should do, and predictably she chose Taurus--that's her sign--but I was secretly glad, because I liked this one a lot! Anyway, hope you like. ^^ Matty is such a cute li'l redhead!
THIS. This comic is love. This comic is life. This is what I've needed after the drought of new episodes during the hiatus. TT_TT THANK YOU KIND, BEAUTIFUL SOUL. Also, you're really good at drawing SU characters!! =D This is truly excellent, especially the colored pages! ^^ I have a SU comic I would love to draw, but I still need to do a lot of practice. I can't draw them nearly as well. Anyway, thanks again, and please keep doing what you're doing~
Not exactly indicative of my return--just had some time and had already drawn the page, so I just colored it + posted. Still, enjoy!
(Also JUST realized that I forgot the plaid detailing on the skirts! Please forgive me. Will fix when I get more time.)
The Last
I've commented once or twice, but I just knew I had to comment on the end.
I hate endings. I think a lot of people do. But they always seem too soon, or bittersweet, or heartbreaking. But the end of this isn't sad, because it's your life, and I know that you're out there continuing it every day, even if I'm not seeing it.
Thank you for sharing some of the most personal parts of yourself so that I could relate to the life of a person so different from myself.
Either way, I actually think this is a great point to end your comic, simply because while lives are messy and a comic like this, a comic about your life (or any life) has no real plot--since things just happen--I think it's quite poetic to stop here. You entered a new phase, living without Connor and Miriam. A new child entered your life, which you had talked about, although not in the way that anyone expected, or even would have wanted, but that's OK. It's like a chance for you to come to terms with your own childhood and, as they say, do it better. And you made up with Brad, or at least you're working on it, which was a serious thread that everyone was waiting to see resolved.
Honestly, despite being unscripted life, it wrapped up far better and more poignantly than a lot of stories I read or television shows I watch.
Anyway, thank you again David for what you brought to Smackjeeves. I wish you the absolute best of luck, one human to another. You understand more than you give yourself credit for. ^^
Here you go! I've spent a lot of time coming up with more 'extras' to post between pages, so have one! :) I have all of the girls Zodiac planned out--the boys, not so much!
If anyone was wondering, playlist for this page included songs from Adventure Time and Steven Universe. For cartoons, they actually have some catchy tunes!
@Loserx0rz: Also: Damn does Harvey look TOTALLY DIFFERENT than when I first drew him, all the way back on the Chapter 1 cover! Kind of crazy, ha ha~ (Though to be fair, they all do! Never thought I would make it this far. xD <3)
Hello Chapter 3!
Hey everyone! Just got back from vacation! While not of the relaxing variety, it was very exciting and full of sightseeing. :) A bit of a whirlwind, if I'm honest! Still, it's nice to be home, back to routine again.
Which of course means starting up LOTL again! Onto Chapter 3!! :)
I am in love....
with the way you draw hands. <3
I mean, and also all the other stuff. I love this comic more than I can express in words.
Thank you and have a nice day.
That's It!
At LAST! I finished chapter 2! I can't even believe it!! Drawing those last 4 pages all at once was hard, but I was so happy to see them through before vacation.
Don't worry--LOTL will be seeing you again soon! Please look forward to Chapter 3: Student Council!
Oh geez, yeah, the unintended sassiness is also the worst. </3 I've actually had friends ask me 'Wait, do you like him or hate him??' >_>; Er. xD
All right! Constant updates this week until we're all finished up with Chapter 2!! Then I'm going on vacation! =D
Welcome Back!
All right! New pages. :) Like I said, between now and the 5th August I'm going to finish Chapter 2. Then I'll be gone for like 2 weeks on my vacation, and when I get back, it'll FINALLY be time to start Chapter 3!! =D I can't believe it! Hope you enjoy. ^^
Ohhh, what a cutie! <3 Look at those little lips. :> I know the situation isn't what anyone would have wanted, but I know you love babies, and this little guy is so lucky to have such a great uncle~
Almost didn't get this page finished--my cat insisted on laying ON MY TABLET pretty much the whole time. Trying to draw around a sleeping cat is rly hard, yo.
@Killsoty: xDD Ah ha ha, good call! Nice one. :)
Tah-dah! You had to figure Vanessa was next, right? :)
(Also you may have guessed but I'm pretty lousy at drawing guys, which is why you always get pics of the girls... shrug, ha ha.)