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I really love to draw, but I can not...XD
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October 27th, 2015
Goddamn, so kawaii
@Artzyl: Omg, my birthday is also on april 19!!! XD
Such a shame, i don't have a patreon account... Maybe I'll make one, just for this xD
can't wait for the next month! :D
Yeeey, you're back! :D
Epic fail xD
Yeey, ur back! :D
when i saw that you updated i was so happy c:
The first happpy thing in my day! :D
I'm so excited, and glad! :DDD
I'll be definitely waiting for your return! :DDD
It can't be more beautiful and funny! It's just P-E-R-F-E-C-T! :DDDDDD
Keep it up! :33
Your welcome, and I love all of your drawings, and the story is great too! ^u^
Love it! ♥
<3 it... Just ♥ it... :3
I don't know. When I first saw Riordan I was like: *O* This guy is awesome! I really like him! Gosh you are sooo brave! A hero!
But I'll had to do the dirty work anyways... :(
BUNNEH YAY! XD And Ink is still soooo cute! ^.^
I'm patien. Don't even worry about it. Looking forward to july! :D
lol I guess? XD
Nyaaa~ Cute blushes! I love cute blushes!O///v///O
Aww... Poor little Ink... He's so adorable... Even he is sad now... :C