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Damn, I'm gonna miss this. Now I need to find some more comics here to read.
@Ultizeta: ...Why does your new avatar look so sad?
@Ultizeta: That explains why you killed most of them off...
Gotta be honest.

I lost interest in just about every other comic I was following here, mainly because I fell so far behind on most of them that I could barely keep up anymore and decided not to bother.

This, however, is something that I continued to enjoy and was willing to catch up on.

When this comic is over... I will have no more reasons to keep coming back to Smackjeeves.

I... not gonna lie, I'm gonna miss you guys.
@TheJGamer: Dates like that are usually just placeholders, especially on Amazon. I wouldn't worry too much.
Quite a Brick Joke there...
"I grow tired of leadership and desire to settle down."

Translation: "I barely did anything in this comic anyway, so I don't even really need to be a leader."

(What? It's true)
I love how none of them freaked out at Shadik suddenly talking and basically sending Zykan to hell a few pages ago.
@TheJGamer: "MSG" is short for "Mysterious Shadowy Guy", which the readers kept calling Miracle Matter until he was revealed to be Miracle Matter, and Ulti just kind of rolled with it.

...Actually, I'm pretty sure I'm the one who first coined it.
@Ultizeta: Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

So I guess I was right about the Orb subplot being more or less dropped?
"Champion of Ice?" That's obviously referring to Caiya, but... did I miss something?

So the Life Orb is the only orb unaccounted for at this point...
...So is the whole Five Orbs thing basically dropped? IIRC, the "Life Orb" is the only one unaccounted for...
@Ultizeta: Whoops. Well, I feel dumb...
Also, I JUST realized that Saia's new parasol is based off the alternate Parasol from Kirby Fighters Deluxe.
Of course, they've still gotta deal with Zykan...
@Nashew: To be perfectly honest, I kind of lost respect for Gigi after the fiasco that was the KA/20TK crossover and how she refused to accept any of the blame for how that turned out. And then the immediate following arc where that one Kirby (who's name I can't even remember) TORTUING Raven turned out to actually "like" Raven pretty much killed my interest in the comic entirely. I stopped reading in the middle of the "why does Grace not speak?" arc and haven't looked back since, and I have no desire to catch up with how much there's been since then.
@Kirbyfan27: "03"? I'm guessing that's mentioned in his 21-page Google Docs thing... Haven't read that yet.
Oh, wow. Didn't see that coming.

...Hey, wait a second, years ago you told me that the main villain ("MSG" as we called him back then) was not an already existing Kirby villain. Did you change your plans, or were you just lying when you said that?

It Doesn't Matter
Now what happens
I will never
Give up the fight!
Long as the voice inside
Drives me to run or fight
It Doesn't Matter
WHOOOOOO is wrong or who is right!