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Mister T
My name`s King Tay Tay, don't wear it out.
Comic making is what i'm about
I play games too, but I can't rap
I'd rather just stay at home and wrap

Currently working on:
Explanation Unnecessary

Super Secret Project Hornpile
Super Secret Project Big Ears
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    Tay or T
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Smiffy is in a costume, it's just that he's dressed as himself.
@Zackepic22: Oh, I'm not so against the first one.

I'm sure there'd be other people that would be 'thankful' for that kind of plot.
Suddenly, three Starthings (Arwings) fly in, attacking any fighters in their way and becoming temporary platforms
Of course it works, if the world didn't end from the sun being this close, the sun can't be THAT hot.
First Neon, now smiff? Is everyone from the first chapter gonna die?
Isn't illegal to take off your cloak in front of children?
You gained 9042 Experience points! Level up!

You learned a new move: Fantastical Racial Profiling!
And that marks the end of an era. No more Smiff House for us
Laser guns are better than bullet guns, nuf said
You missed a chance to make a "Sir, that hit was aDOORable" joke
In America, you can beat down doors.

In EU, doors beat down you.
That's just the way things work

Wanna be alone? Here comes everyone at once!
I think I used the same panel like 4 times
Sweet sugar cookies this took a lot longer than it should've
@EllisMatthews: That lowkey sounds hilarious and like a good read.
This comic really deserves a lot more readers. It's like if a children's book got corrupted by adultery and debt.
Mister T
April 26th, 2019
I'll agree, they/them is a lot more neutral and non-offensive. Assuming someone is okay with they/them is a lot worse than offending someone. Even people who aren't trans occasionally get mis-gendered. They/them is just a lot more... safe.
>Paria: Suggests that they follow the hole garchomp made, since it smells like outside.
Damn smiff, this is hella well made
oh no silverhaired boi gonna do a bad