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Mister T
I really should update this thing more.
My name`s Mister T, but you can call me Tay or T. That's all you need to know on that matter.
I am a relatively skilled gamer and comic maker, but don't be surprised if I'm a little out of the loop on current games or news.

Currently working on:
House of Craziness
Knights of Faith
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    Tay or T
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Eeeh, why not episode 1 of 'Seven Deadly Sins' aka 'One Piece Bootleg 72"

(i actually like it tho)
Question, are all of these non-canon comics on the quiz?
@Sike: Snap, crackle, pop their fingers UP.
Welp, the bar has been raised most certainly
Paria: looks in confusion
hahahahaha no one is noticing me rubbin these please pay attention ahahaha
Welp, this ship is escaping into the city.
Paria: Sigh, and flick a ice spell at the baloon.
Originally I was expecting Whispy to be humanoid too, I'm not saying I'm disappointed I'm wrong.

I'm saying that Whispy as a humanoid would've been... interesting.
Welp, never thought I'd learn something today from reading a rather interesting magic girl parody comic, but I was wrong.
<img src="">
It's ok, you tried. Nice comic regardless!
Paria: Manage to dive through the fire, but be charred on the other side by a hidden flamethrower.
Paria: Insist we move forward. After all, there's only one direction the map could lead.
Paria assumes the map is broken and tries to punch it to fix it.
[Paria: Question what happened to the ladder, and scare everyone by being behind them]
Smiffyyyy.... stop jumping the gun!
Also, stop jumping on your bad legs.