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Mister T
I really should update this thing more.
My name`s Mister T, but you can call me Tay or T. That's all you need to know on that matter.
I am a relatively skilled gamer and comic maker, but don't be surprised if I'm a little out of the loop on current games or news.

Currently working on:
House of Craziness
Knights of Faith
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It's ok, you tried. Nice comic regardless!
Paria: Manage to dive through the fire, but be charred on the other side by a hidden flamethrower.
Paria: Insist we move forward. After all, there's only one direction the map could lead.
Paria assumes the map is broken and tries to punch it to fix it.
[Paria: Question what happened to the ladder, and scare everyone by being behind them]
Smiffyyyy.... stop jumping the gun!
Also, stop jumping on your bad legs.
Well, that was a nightmare.
I don't think it's such a good idea to chase your dreams so literally.
This was a really good musical number
New comic, now with 50% more Felicity.
free food is my motivation
@Smiffy SMF <3: It's not like he likes him or anything
Well, looks like TruGBA is becoming enough of a thing that it has a name. This is gonna become a whole thing, isn't it?

Not that I'm complaining.
Sorry for attempting to this before you Smiff. I wanted it to flow better. >.>
This is a phenomenal page! Certainly worth the wait bud!~ Great drama all around.
This comic made me die from laughing. I am ghost now.
You should probably make a new comic for steven comics. This one, while incomplete, is still not going to be updated, and it would be sloppy to leave an unfinished work the main work next to finished comics.
Wait, why is Tord angry at Edd in particular? Just curious.