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Mister T
I really should update this thing more.
My name`s Mister T, but you can call me Tay or T. That's all you need to know on that matter.
I am a relatively skilled gamer and comic maker, but don't be surprised if I'm a little out of the loop on current games or news.

Currently working on:
House of Craziness
Knights of Faith

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Wait, why is Tord angry at Edd in particular? Just curious.
@Muix: Or used a painting
@Mister T: ....I really need to work on my pacing. Ah well. I kinda slapped it together tbh
Guess who's back and ready for action! I'll give you a hint!~ It's ME!~ WHOO!
Mister T
December 14th, 2017
I'm also rather sorry for your loss. While Rain had been a rather important comic to me (It helped me understand myself, along with all the other people I've met in my silly chaotic live) what is more important is that you are ok. Content with a broken author is not worth hurting them any more than it is forcing a clipped bird to fly. Please. Take as much time as you need. None of us will be going anywhere.
@KirbyFighterDeluxe: Probably 100 Smackadoodles.
Cinder Captureem the bumbling failure of a capsulemon trainer. (Ash Ketchem)
...Welp, that certainly was blunt.
@Nashew: Maybe Dr. Light did help him.
I forgot to make em see through.
Here comes a new character!~
I'm revive this place!
Good news, I'm baaaaack!~
I just don't know any thing to do with hr at thispoint. Damn writers block...
Bleh, tried my hand at drawing planets~ I suppose that I went a little wide scale though, huh?
I'm excited to be a part of one of my favorite comics~