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Mister T
My name`s King Tay Tay, don't wear it out.
Comic making is what i'm about
I play games too, but I can't rap
I'd rather just stay at home and wrap

Currently working on:
Explanation Unnecessary

Super Secret Project Hornpile
Super Secret Project Big Ears
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    Tay or T
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[Gets annoyed and casts Light, blinding everyone who has their eyes open]
Cue the 10 hour shopping spree, all compressed into a 1 minute shopping montage.
Completely off topic, but Trix's running sprite is the cutest thing ever.
There goes the neighborhood.
What a wonderful day to nearly die, huh?
Well, I have a bad feeling about the upcoming intermission.
She made the team! :D :D :D
I'm glad to be a part of one of the best comics sprite I've ever read. I can't wait to see what this next year brings in terms of plot, reveals and laughs.

Working with my heroes make me feel... strange to say the least. Maybe privileged I suppose. But working with folks that I always looked up to feels like a dream to me.

I wanna head into the next season of EU with our heads held high, our hearts beating calmly, and hand clenched in hand. Looking back in our pasts, I've certainly done less to get here and get my place in this gorgeous work, but I want to make my hand in it count.

This is a new age.

A new era.

Breath it in.

This journey has been a long one, and yet, it's just started. These people who are by our side may have been picked up along the way, but that doesn't make them any less important. I just want all of you to know that you matter.

You're important to me. Every single one of you. Even you, readers. I can't stress that enough.

If you've read this far. Treat yourself today. Treat yourself everyday you can. Life is a journey of it's very own, filled with ups and downs, friends and foes, hurts and woes and everything in between. And life can suck sometimes.

But it doesn't have to.

Life is the people you have around you, and I'm thankful to be surrounded by the people I want to be around. Do your best to be surrounded by the people you want to be this upcoming year.
Paria tries to swat the gun out of his hand with her sword.
*Boss Battle music kicks in*
I feel like a inspirational kitten poster.
Here comes the shippers...
Well, well, welly, well well. Looks like hoodies are back in season.
Alas, poor Moses. I knew him well.
I have a feeling that guy might be a little... cross.
Guess it's too soon to say "see you in hell"
*silently in awe of the awesome knight*