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Mister T
My name`s King Tay Tay, don't wear it out.
Comic making is what i'm about
I play games too, but I can't rap
I'd rather just stay at home and wrap

Currently working on:
Explanation Unnecessary

Super Secret Project Hornpile
Super Secret Project Big Ears
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    Tay or T
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>Paria: Suggests that they follow the hole garchomp made, since it smells like outside.
Damn smiff, this is hella well made
oh no silverhaired boi gonna do a bad
Ooh a blue cultist, don't see those everyday
Paria, more like Pa-really should go to a hospital-ia, am I right?
Boom goes the sandworm
Looks like someone needs a snickers

and possibly bandages
I just hate it when i'm trying to sweep and I turn on my possibly dead friend's super computer by mistake

Aren't humans water elementals that can only use their powers out of their mouth, or out of their unmentionables?
Honestly, It looks better this way.
But to be truthful, It's better than what I can do on an Ipad.

> Paria Grabs the Lucario Lookalike's sword and bashes someone with it.
Damn. He looks... Alive.
Let Paria use her sword hilt as a
▮▮▮▮▮-▮▮ and ▮▮▮▮ all the Waifus
Smiffy, is that you? It's been 70 yearssss
A new plot, a new backstory. This plot is probably gonna be a wild ride, folks!

Sent from my Tesla
[Gets annoyed and casts Light, blinding everyone who has their eyes open]
Cue the 10 hour shopping spree, all compressed into a 1 minute shopping montage.
Completely off topic, but Trix's running sprite is the cutest thing ever.
There goes the neighborhood.
What a wonderful day to nearly die, huh?