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I'm not a very interesting person. I don't have any hobbies that send people in awe. Nor does my fashion turn heads. Most of my web comics are probably are going to be a little bit of inspiration from the people around me. Friends, enemies, those criminals you see on television, crushes you have, and secrets you were sworn to keep. There is light and inspiration in all those things and I want to use those to move you. Make you feel. Feelings are a wonderful gift that should be cherished. Cherish what you have. I may have little but what I have is a mind and heart.
Isn't that all I need. To think. To dream.
If you really ever want to contact me for some reason, you could PM me I think. I'm still not sure of this site yet but if you PM me asking for an email or Skype. I would be so glad to meet some interesting people.
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