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I used the word "lazy" as a synonym. I was alluding to my theory about why Carol would give up her promising talent. Granted, I can't say for sure, as I don't KNOW the character completely, but as someone who spent nearly a third of my life pursuing music (playing piano, as a matter of fact), I understand how easy it is to give it up when influenced heavily from the outside. Scott recalls that she was influenced by "campus culture". Which could be true. It could also be other things.

But, as you're the second person to grumble at me for speaking my opinion or theories, I'll take this as a sign that my thoughts aren't exactly welcome on the comments page. Good work. Consider me silenced.
@Alphax I'm not quite sure what you're trying to correct me on :) I don't believe I stated anything that was untrue or uninformed. I was just questioning Scott's motives - maybe pointing out that, like all people, he's being unjustly childish in his continuation of the sibling rivalry.

Also, I don't know if Ms. Woolly being a demon was actually established. Just because she gave Scott the book and had the Pentagram on her wall doesn't necessarily mean Demon. She could just be a worshipper, or had her own dealings with the Demonic. One thing I've found through a ridiculous amount of time reading and researching Spiritual Satanists is that one of their main goals is the corruption of the Christian Church - maybe that's what this is? Scott is very much a part of his faith, and would not only be a challenge, but a HUGE victory for a Satanist if he/she was able to corrupt him.

Again, this is all speculation, ofc. I have no more insight into the inner workings of this story than my own feeble attempts at theory and prediction :) And that's half the fun - not knowing, letting the story unfold as Notation dictates.
As I've said, one of my favorite things about this comic is how you are continuously throwing us for a loop with nearly every page. The love I have for Scott is slowly starting to dwindle with each new thing Carol reveals - sure, he may have felt shadowed by her, but was home life REALLY that bad? Bad enough to summon a Demon and revel in his spite?

Scott just became a lot more human in my eyes, and I remember that I don't really like people :P Dammit.

This does still work with my theory, though! Carol sounds like she's throwing out excuses for her LAZINESS. *cough-hinthint-cough* She does sound very PRIDEFUL though of her choices, or her reasons behind giving up.

So many possibilities - only one page per week to ease my eagerness :P
And again, that theory of mine keeps on holding water! Eeee... Still not saying a word though. People used to theorize on my comments page all the time when I hosted a comic, and it drove me crazy because they were quite smug about it :P I don't care if people theorize, but don't act like you're superior to me because you "figured out" my plot line.

Anyway. Excellent page as always, Notation!
Holy, for once I have a theory about your comic! But I'm not saying anything. Keeping my mouth shut.
Awww, all that depressed despair on Scott's face! Don't you know frowning gives you wrinkles, sweetie? I know you're aging for two now, but really, you don't need to ENCOURAGE the process!

This page is just too perfect, Notation :) As always.
Mmmm... what is it that's so sexy about Knights, in full, decorated armor, riding motorcycles?

Just let me say that adding to your stress was NEVER my intention!! You're a beautiful person for sharing this with us, and I NEVER EVER wanted to make you feel badly! I spoke out of concern for you, but you know what they say about the road to Hell and good intentions...

Regardless, I obviously spoke out of turn, and I'd like to apologize. I'm sorry :(
While I'm obviously all for Scott and Devoto Sexytimes, I feel like I need to assert a subtle objection.

You certainly have the right the decide how you lay out and deliver your comic, of course. I'm not disputing that. I just worry about the reasons WHY you made the chapter change. You mentioned on the V-day page that readership was starting to go down, so you decided to just not do the Zima chapter as a way to correct like.

Like I sad Notation, you're free to do this however you choose... Just don't let the threat of losing readers make you change how the story plays out :( You can't please everyone all at once, and to attempt to will only burn you out and frustrate you. There are so many comics on this website that listened only to what the readers "wanted" and they became something so depressing, so lacking in imagination and excitement it's just PAINFUL to look at them. I love Devoto because it's original, the art is fantastic and new and SO VERSATILE, and you, Notation, seem like a very sweet person who's only trying to bring a little entertainment sunshine into our lives. I'd really hate to see all that go away :(

*internet hugs* I guess the whole point is that it's YOUR comic, it's YOUR story... do it YOUR way. Don't let this comic become a heavy point of stress for you, alright? Speaking from experience here :P It does you NO good.
*gasp* Yaaaay new chapter!!! I'm so excited for this, you don't even know.

And more Isaaaaam... you love me, don't you, Notation? :D

Okay, lemme grab my popcorn and put on a fresh pot of coffee. I shall vicariously camp for the next few days. Woot.
Dammit, Notation.. once again, you manage to keep me guessing. I honestly didn't think Ms. Woolly was part of this O.o I mean... she seemed to like Scott so much before! Gah... Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh...

And really sweetie, my inbox is always open. Even if you don't want me to reply, feel free to just vent, okay? Sometimes that helps more than you realize. *sending you good vibes*
You know, that probably has to be the best argument for religion that I've ever heard/read. It makes SENSE... not in the whole "Believe in God or YOU WILL BURN FOREVER" way, which is awesome... I still feel like Scott would cringe a little bit if he were stuck in a room with a group of practicing Pagans, but I get the feeling he'll be a little more open minded in the coming days ;)

And really, I FEEL for Trevor here. I was subject to a ridiculous amount of Religious oppression for the better part of a year, and I know how it feels to just have that hope cut off... They talk of the beauty and love of God they feel, but really, they do everything in their power to contradict their claims. And even if you weren't a full believer to begin with, to realize that everything from their mouths is a lie can be so, so painful.

And I'm sorry you're having a difficult time, Notation D: If you ever need to vent, even if it's just to scream at an invisible wall as it were, please feel free to send a note. I'm an excellent listener and I've been through some crazy shit myself - sometimes it just helps to have an empathetic ear.

Chin up, sweetie. It'll get better.
He just needs a cup of coffee, and he'd have the breakfast of champions!
Notation, I feel I should warn you about something.

Those mountains. Those right there? They are ORGASMIC. I mean JESUS TAP DANCING CHRIST.

Also... Trevor D: Nooo, no no no. No! Just... gah, no!

I try very hard not to hiss and spit when my friend goes all GOD IS GREAT FALL TO YOUR KNEES on me... As someone of an "alternative" faith myself, I wouldn't feel comfortable shoving my beliefs down their throat. To each their own; as long as you are happy and not hurting others, then more power to you!

AND YOU WENT WINTER CAMPING. The Hell?? I'm from Minnesota, but just spent the past 7 years in the Southern Climates before coming back home, so this concept confuses me. I have a hard enough time forcing myself to go outside to warm the car up, and you WILLINGLY camped in the COLD.

You are a braver soul than I, my dear.
Ahahahaha! Poor Trevor! I know those feels, bro... One of my friends growing up is EXTREMELY into her faith. We don't see each other face to face anymore, limited only to Facebook, but literally, 9 out of 10 times, her posts are nothing but JESUS JESUS JESUS DARN THAT SATAN FOR BURNING MY DINNER JESUS! (And really, I WISH that were an exaggeration.)

Hope you had a nice vacay, Notation :) Maybe got away from the cold and snow? As for me, I have to go shovel my front porch D: Pray for me, Scott?
Darn it - I wished up and down that you'd update faster, and now I find I can't keep up! Someone make up my mind for me D:

And darn it again! - I realize either my computer resolution and brightness is crap, or my eyes really ARE going... I didn't even notice the hickey on Scott's neck D: I had to go back to this chapter's beginning and lean in reeeeal close to the screen. I feel silly.

Excellent as always, Notation. Though now I'm all curious as to who the heck gave Scott the summoning book, if not sweet little Trevor. Methinks there's a bigger game afoot? Could it be... plot!? (I'm just teasing. I love this comic <3 And I think I need more coffee)
You know, I read it, I internalized it, but I don't think I really UNDERSTOOD what Devoto meant when he said that the Demons suffer while wearing their true aspects. But this... this is a real eye opener.

When one hears that Demons suffer in Hell, you don't really comprehend what that could encompass or actually mean. But this... Well, whether or not you created Devoto from your own imagination, or used bits and pieces from various faiths to create him, what you've done here is probably one of the most accurate representations of suffering I've seen. Or maybe I'm a complete sucker when it comes to animals, and it hurts to see them in pain.

You, my dear Notation, are nothing short of awesome.

Hope you have a beautiful Holiday, and are enjoying the snow! Even if it's from inside, with a cup of hot cocoa or your chosen warm mug of whatever ;) (at least, that's what I'M doing for the winter! Hurhur)
If I were Scott, I'd be scared out of my pants right now - Oh, look! How convenient for him!

I really love how you write Devoto's point of view on things. They are so artistic, and yet so brutally realistic. Dramatic like crazy, but I think he has plenty of wiggle room to be so, no? ;)

And no, I don't expect them to have a BAD relationship! I just forsee a lot of pitfalls what with "culture clash" for lack of a better term - especially considering Scott may or may not run into the other Fallen Angels at some point. And, if we're lucky, those pants of his will be scared right back off. Teehee.

Hope the RealWorld is treating you well, and you're taking care of yourself! See you next update :D
Butts!! Heeee-

Okay, with THAT little immaturity out of the way, lets get back to commenting on the page :D

The thing I love about this comic, Notation (well, one of the MANY reasons, but today THIS is the reason) is the fact that you're very good at misdirecting us. I don't know if this is intentional or if your characters are just THAT well fleshed out, but it's awesome. Since the start of this chapter, even when Devoto was talking about the fall of Satan and the Angels, I conveniently keep forgetting that he's a demon. But there's something about this page that sets off alarms in my head.

I want Scott to be happy - I really do. And I'm a sucker for dramatic relationships in print (Really, my collection of romance novels is shameful) but this is the first time I've actually found myself WORRYING for the poor boy D: He's meddling around with things that I don't think he's fully comprehending here...

Agh, anyway, I need more coffee. My thought process is obviously rambling.

Awesome work, as always! Don't burn yourself out on RL, ya hear?
One of my favorite movies, though silly, gave the greatest explanation of Catholics. They don't celebrate their faith - they mourn it. Truer words were never spoken.

I really admire the way you can switch up your styles on pages like this. Most comic artists rely only on dramatic looking angles, or funked up font to get their point across. It works, but your doing this makes it... I dunno. Seem more personal in a way? I don't know if that makes sense though :)

Anxiously waiting for the next page!