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Christy Weavile
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@Mini: Rock does not resist rock, but it's super effective against Bug. So since Armaldo is Bug/Rock... A rock move would certainly do some damage to an Armaldo.
What kind of chaos is he gonna bring to this boat?
That fourth panel is hilarious~
Well I'm thinking this thing would be a way better Water/Normal type than Bibarel
I'm going to need to remember this tutorial. Guess it pays to re-read this comic for no reason like a stalker |D
Just throw him at Haunshaul again.
Crap, Gigi... MY character's name is Crystal!
I'm already playing with ideas of how this guy would act, and then Evil Hat mode, hehe~

I imagine he would be crazier than Maka in that one episode of Soul Eater.
Once you have enough of these made up, permission to use some of them in my comic?
I love the art style, and it actually reminds me of SAO a little. Keep it up-- +Fav
...... Tune, what the fuck...
They're getting what they asked for~
... Okay if anybody asks, I had the GS Ball-actually-was-Celebi idea before I read this comic... okay?
Oh no.. nononononononoonononnono poor Larvesta! Poor N! Poor ALDER!!! T^T
"I'm pretty sure [size] does[ matter]. It makes things heavier."

Oh really? Look at Wailord's size.. and then his weight. he should be several TONS, not a mere 800 pounds.
I've never heard of anything from the Charizard family ever being able to use Quick Attack...
Aaaaaaand FAVORITED! Just found this today. Good lord, okay maybe this might sound like a little like bragging, but people tell me all the time that I have a real talent for drawing. (You'll see a PMD Sky comic up on here AS SOON AS I GET A TABLET... anyway.) But it would take me WEEKS probably to even nail the poses, and draw pokemon realistically like that, and then be able to fully color and shade and detail everything in a single page like this.

"And if I'm lucky, Ms. Talent will rub her tablet on myy.. art." c:
-gets mouth zipped shut until next page-
"Jirachi's sweet, merciful grandma..."

That's it, I'm getting off my lazy ass and favoriting this. Well done so far!
... Hm. Mhmhm. Hegh. Okay, I'm good now.

Andy is so adorable that Joltik is quickly becoming one of my favorite pokemon.