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This comic is also very amusing! xD I gotta say, I look forward to seeing the comparison of your first Inquisitors side by side, and your various choices in DAI. Will your playthroughs be similar as well? xD
The static effects added to the last few pages make for an interesting visual contrast, in a digital/computer-generated feel compared to both the more colorful and organic art style and text font.
An intriguing start. Keep going! :D * proceeds to try and figure out what the letters on the lower part of the cover page spell out *
"You are welcome, tiny rascal!" xD I can't decide if that's cute, hilarious or fabulous. Excellent comic as always!
...That is the most adorable and endearing take I've ever seen on this kind of scene! xD * applauds * Bravo, *Milk+Assassin*, bravo.
I really hope DA:I includes pyjama hats now, to complete Solas's ensemble for maximum silliness. Preferably in pinstripes, with his outfit to match. That'd go well even if he wore typical mage-skirt-pyjama-gowns. :D I'd settle for a Santa Claus hat, though.

In all seriousness, I am wondering what sort of mage he'll be, wearing those clothes. Perhaps it's more of a 'do it for the lulz to troll all the people getting fireballed by an elf in his jammies' type of thing? I really can't tell with this guy, which makes him all the more interesting, in a way. Excellent comic, as always! :D
@zenat: Good point...I'd forgotten about that particular downside. My memories of Kirkwall are probably a lot rosier than the reality. Too much time spent in the fanfiction and fan-comic sections. XD
"Eating sticks", ha! XD What a delightfully worded threat!
This explains everything! :D It's all due to the narrator! *sigh* I can only imagine how awesome it would've been to have Varric narrate Shepard's tale...
How serendipitous! And so true. XD I love that last panel, btw.
Nice! I particularly like the pose you've got Bimm in, the swooping curves are very pretty.
This page is so full of win. <3
XD This had me giggling. I dread to imagine how Anora and Zevran interact with one another on a daily basis. And Anora's expression! The things she has to put up with to rule a country...XD
October 13th, 2012
As lovely as Sindri's new robes are, I'm wondering how and where he got them...same way as the food and saffron? Has someone else been slipping him stuff through that place where shadows overlap, like when Lumi sent him his bi-annual poisoned stew? Or has he been sending other disconnected body parts to fetch it for him? A shadow puppet perhaps? Mysterious guy.
Ha! The little white bows on Loghain's braids in the dream-marriage panels were a hilarious little addition. XD