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And so it begins!

As per usual cover image hints on some things to come. Some interesting (hopefully :P) developments in the wake!

I wanna give a shout out for my dear friend Proxy170 for making that title font for me! Lawd knows I suck at it and I think this looks way nicer! Check out her comic --->Project Arc<--- It's a great read!!

Thank you Proxy!!


And I made it on Friday--- let's keep this going shall we? I'll do my best! I appreciate your patience with me!!! AND you reading! <3
And thus ends the brief between-chapters interlude.... and you have officially met "Kaleal." Yaaay! She's been around almost since the very beginning....as in since 2005 when I first came up with this whole idea xD.

Lol LOTS of fan-made OCs in this page! Check out the Your SoO OCs page to see if you can name them! I'll post appropriate refs n such when their names are actually introduced in comic ;D.

AAAAALAS....sorry about this late late page. I'm not going to waste your time with the many reasons I was held back. I did, however, at least put a lot of effort into a couple of these backgrounds? X"D...I hope it shows. Sigh

Anyways...I'll see you on Friday with the cover to the next chapter!

Thanks for stickin' with me, y'all!
Aaand I'm back with another one of my little brief interludes between chapters.

We get to meet a new character here! A childhood friend of Hizruk's... more about her and her other connections to come ;D


It's nice to be updating again! It's still friday... I DIDN'T FAIL! Lol. I hope you're all having a good day and have a better weekend!

See you next Friday!

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And the final page of Chapter 5! FINALLY, amiright?

Demas and Keymen share a thing in common.. they both like to get in the heads of their enemies. Like grandpa like grandson perhaps? But if you look back on the very first scene of this chapter.. you see Key doing this to Kalverick. That little frown in panels 6 n 7 is the main reason Demas showed up here tonight. Aah...family moments <3.

OKAY! So...as you know.. I have been really struggling to get back on the rails these past few weeks. I'm gonna take just ONE week off to get myself fixed--finish up that WIP page from a few weeks ago X"D, maybe do a special idea I had for you guys.........then after next week resume with FRIDAY SET updates once again! I'm sorry I've been so sporadic lately!

Thank you for your patience with me!

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Wonder what he means by "we got everything we needed from you" >__>;;

Uh Oh what's Keymen gonna pull outta that drawer?

Guys expect general weekend updates until I can get this chapter finished up here (we're on the last scene!). I just can't seem to get back on Fridays X"D
Sorry about this!


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Last reunion of "Reunions"---a touching moment between Grandfather... and Grandson? O.o


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Sheesh Kyle XD. But some of you may remember his comments earlier regarding the contract XD.

And thus begins the final scene of this chapter, y'allz! Very interesting spoiler next week about one of SoO's... probably weirdest characters. Circumstantially :P. Find out more about why next week! Now that this crowd scene is over cross fingers for Friday!

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The Umbras who were standing behind Merek are ones who live at home with their families...they are a liiittle more hesitant to jump into a war if there's an option to avoid it.


Ugh...welll...... slowly but surely inching back to Friday X"D. I do still have to finish last week's page but at least THIS one is done! Thanks for your patience guys!

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Ohhhhh some more specifics about this change Keymen keeps talking about X))).

You might recall the death of human Jonathan and Shera's threat to Hizruk---those two things might lead to something perhaps with the help of her Grandfather who seems to have a history with serpents :3


Please forgive the WIP... if I want to finish THIS week's page I need to get started on it right now X"D
Say whut, Mer'k? O.o?


At this point... I should just say to expect each page sometime between Friday-Saturday X"D

This scene has given me a fun opportunity idea for you guys! Once I get everything together.. I shall post it in the Author Comments...so be watchin those, y'all!

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@firedragis: LOL! I can neither confirm nor deny but she is sure making it sound that way!XDDD (Not that Hizruk gets it :PPP)
A flame still exists... yet there is great restraint X"D....

Rookie move, Hiz--you never say anything if they don't say anything! That's terrible advice nevermind x"D.

At last a Friday update! This chapter is gonna start wrapping up here soon! :3

Thanks for reading!

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Nothing like a moronic offspring in need of medical attention to snap a worried mother out of her emotional turmoil (for now)

Thank you for your patience with this tardy page. I'm very sorry--it's been a week X"D

More importantly thank you for reading! <3

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All the conflicting emotions...one can't feel them all at once!


Thank you for reading, everybody <3
See you next friday!

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Gwynn just walks in like she owns the place X). Then she sees a ghost....

No more jumping behind counters.... we're not getting out of this one :)


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And now she's going where she needs to go-- thank you Hizruk X"D

You may notice this page is another long one! Haha I just couldn't bring myself to waste two weeks on just a transition/setting up a later scene >__>


So sorry the page is a day late. Just a heads up, good chances the next one will be a day late as well as my grandma is going in for maajor surgery ON that Friday.

Going to do my best to get it done earlier!

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IS he gone, Gwynn? IS he? Stay tuned. We gotta get her to the right place ;D

Which meanss...

Momma Bear needs some answers and Baby Bear better deliver X"D


Thank you for reading everybody! <333

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I sure hope we remember where that little note came from! I think it's about time we pick up where that left off, no?

Thank you, Keymen and Merek, for affirming that what happened in there is good for plot.

Kalverick.. being surprisingly not horrible in this page. Imagine that :'). Also confirming secret relationship

Thank you for reading!
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@Doodlebot117: Hahahaha!! This comment makes my day!
LOL.. I had waaaay too much fun making this page back in the day X"D