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Hizruk I'm SURE your mother must have said something about walking in to dark forests with....well....I guess he's not REALLY a stranger but there's got to be a rule X"D. Hellgiah doesn't like the rain it would seem..

But the good news is...the questions Hizzy has about himself are probably the same ones WE have about him ;D. FINALLY some answers! a bit. Time for a little scene change first. :P


Woo I love makin my deadlines again! I woulda had this page done sooner if it wasn't for that pesky last background. THanks for reading, everybody!!!
@Snooty McSnootykins: Haha he IS <3
Hizruk doesn't seem as "concerned" as he should be to be face to face with the great "Monster, Hellgiah"...:3. I wonder why that is!


Thanks for reading everyone!
Hey everyone! Happy New Year! Back with an update on the first friday of the year...and they will continue every Friday from this point on! I hope you're excited because I sure am!

I wanted to have a show and tell of the beautiful SoO related arts I've received over the months but... I got a new computer..and haven't gotten the files off the old hard drive yet. So maybe next week!

Hope you guys had a blessed Holiday! Any favorite gifts?

Thanks for reading!
I think THIS guy fits Bleke's description a little more, no?

Well there you have it. Answer to who the sneaky snek was AAAALL along...following Hizruk around and helping him git outta trouble. As much as I hate the old art...a lil re-read with this knowledge miiight make your experience a little fuller :3.

New questions arise! What REALLY happened between Hellgiah and Hedran? Why does Hellgiah not.......look like a grandpa? WHAT's with the matching scars? Weeeell....all answers to come :3


And with the end of the chapter comes the predictable announcement that I'm going to take a short pause throughout the rest of December because I have an exchange piece to finish and several Christmas Presents I have not yet started X"D.

So THANK YOU for your patience! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and I'll see you in the new year! :D
Sorry to drag out this major revelation, folks....I just had a specific page in mind for the major name drop comin' up here! ;D


I spent an extra amount of time on the background this week...among other things I had going on. Thanks for reading everybody! I'll try to get this next page done early! ;D CUZI'MEXCITE
Big moment coming up, guys X3

I hope it's clear what's happening here. LOL in case it's not....the camera cuts to Hizruk at the stables while we simultaneously listen to the Council's discussion XD


Sorry the page is late, guys. I'm not taking a Christmas break this month, however you might have to excuse some spontaneous updates. It's a crazy month!

School projects, Christmas, like 3 family birthdays, a new birth expected. Crazy X"D

Have a great week and thanks for reading!
I wonder what creature they could be talking about....... :3

HIzruk's butt saved by.........Kalverick's man? :O


It's still Friday! Yesterday was quite busy as you can imagine XD. Speaking of that... hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving! I sure did!
When Merek says "Nothing" to do with it I'm sure he means that one...particular...occurrence X"D

But interestng descriptionss hmmmmm...


Omg made another Friday update-- I feel like my old self again! XD
Thanks for reading everybody!
Panel 4.... Bleke realizes HE'S on trial here...

Panel 6.... he realizes that nothing he says is going to matter. He's screwed :'D
Now it's time to finally learn from the only known surviving witness wat REALLY happened that night in the dungeon (o lord old page alert-- can't wait to go back and redo them X_X) (ALSO FYI haha the one who's face Kal is getting in on that page is Bleke....our friend who's getting interrogated now! ^_^).

FUN Fact (for the dedicated readers who wanna know): Tarvere (that's ol' string beard up there with the serum)...... is kind of the "physician" of the Council. More like mad scientist XDD. He likes to come up with all sorts of crazy things which....and this particular serum he used on Bleke is meant to pretty much increase the heart rate and wake a person up-- imagine getting WAY too much caffeine injected into your blood stream, haha that's basically what's happening to bleke right now. And Takeo helping out with a splash of cold water X"D.


Thanks for the patience guys! School projects and family things-- we might get choppy here in the holiday season just a fair warning!

Thanks for reading! <3
Aaand end scene! Looks like the start of a beautiful relationship <3

And I'm very excited for what's coming next so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading everybody!
Haha not time to ask Hizruk to join the revolution just yet-- gotta handle that carefully X"D.

If you need a refresher on the scene that Hizruk is referring to it's right here! It's got Keymen's gears turning it looks like....for some reason ;)


Wow guys sorry! I didn't expect the first half of October to be THIS hard to work with! Thanks for your patience in sticking with me! This scenes' finally about to end I think you're not gonna wanna miss what's coming!
@RandomGuy: Thank you so much that really means a lot to me! Thanks for reading! <3
Sounds like Keymen has some potential plans for Hizruk... but I think we all knew that deep down XD


I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing on Friday considering I didn't get the last one done til Sunday! But...sadly I will be out of town and can't update next week :(. I do want to try to plan ahead and sketch out the page tho so I can get right back on that horse!

Thanks for reading everybody!
@cat: LOL! Aw no love for Arith X"D (hahaha you're totally right tho lol)
I think this is the beginning a beautiful relationship :)


Apologies for being a couple days late with this page. My Cousin from Hawaii is visiting for the first time in 7 years and I think she's just a little bit more important. Just a little bit :P.

Thanks for your patience! We gonna get back into the heavy stuff here soon don't you worry! And don't think I forgot about sneaky snake hand last page ;D
WOW guys I'm so sorry--- I thought I remembered posting this page last week but I guess I left without pressing the "submit" button X"D
Such a dumb error. My apologies!
Mylon even YOU saw this coming last page.... X'D

This page had more of a purpose than just providing Hizruk and Keymen a convenient escape...........who thinks Arith will eventually become more of a character? :3


Still Thursday! X"D
I decided to join an Interactive Media Certificate Program so I can have a little piece of paper to somewhat justify my student loan debt X"D. But! Worry not... I don't plan for that to interfere.
But I snuck back to Fridays like I wanted! Friday updates are back! <3

Thanks for sticking with me!
For anyone wondering why Hizruk would say he has to go to the stables.... he has community service! Haha that was like 5 years ago my time, couple days comic time X"D...still a thing! (Old page alert. My gosh I can't get back there to redo those pages fast enough X__X)


Haha I'm slowly trying to sneak my way back to Fridays, is it obvious? Next week I'll probably update Thursday....then continue on with Fridays! I that better :3.

Thanks for reading!