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aomi shikido
Taking a break.
I'm sorry I didn't do anything here in like FOREVER. I wasn't on smackjeeves for a while.
But I'm glad that people are still updating and posting stuff here! :)
I still don't have much time but I hope I can post something here again soon.

Alsooo, the fourth wall is broken again??? Gah, need to fix that.
I'm sorry I wasn't able to draw that with you... I wasn't on smackjeeves for a while. Now I'm back... kinda. I hope I will have time to make a comic page soon but I can't promise, sorry. :(
After 2 months of no updates I thought I should try to find some time to update this...
Um yeah.

Sprites are for Darkus the Hedgehog

Why did I draw this
Very cute! ^^
And also, welcome to the comic!
Have a silly animation of silly Wiiby doing something silly! Too much silliness for you? Well, too bad, silly! XD
@Therater2: Waddle Doos can talk without a mouth, so I don't think it's required.
@Deuce3210: No problem. I'm glad you like it.
This is lstaff4's FC Breaker. I recolored the sheet for him.
@Kirby CC: Read this, then you'll know it:

Also, I don't really know how to describe how I drew the eyes... Sorry...
KSSU Carbon Kirby with blue hat and golden sword.
For Deuce3210...
For nswkirby...
For Ginchiyo...