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I am the one who purrs
is he wearing a bathrobe

(also: rule34)
nautical spider
nautical friend

//edit: I'd like to change this comment to "rule34"
Why the dye though?
Banana Strip
Wait so the banana slipped?

@Andrea: You're literally a banan?
@Lox: Also wäre es eine Verjüngungskur, die Babydekoration zu essen?

@Narkota16: Maybe the shower was organized by a non-mum friend who thought everything had to be baby-themed. : |

I would like to point out that the baby is pointing its butt upwards.

Also, Kelly is dressed appropriately and there are strawberries that no one is interested in?
I'd watch you burp.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Can't believe it's been this long! Good times.
So, I take you've seen Hobbit 2 as well?
@ShinyHoundoom229: You're not - but I'm just glad she re-used the background. That way the dots on the sweaters are in the same location. It would drive me crazy if they weren't.
I'm gonna have to call rule 34 on this one.
@kangel: That's fine, dying makes people look cute, especially when they're all red afterwards. Length is different though. But actually, I thought about it, and if you want you can grow it out. It probably looks nice, because hair is nice and without hair, especially eye brows, we would all look different.
Your hair is different. Why is your hair different. I think I'm speaking for everyone here that we don't like change.

Also, children are insane with their clarity of mind and ability to see through things. So pure. With the right amount of hair. And a chocolate future.

brb getting chocolate
So you'd be a girl to buy flours for? Haha.. :|
I remember that there used to be eraser ribbons in addition to the standard black or black/red ribbons for typewriters. Typewriters are awesome. When I was younger, I used to write all kinds of random shit down on them. Until I got a computer with Windows 3.x - then I just played that one game with the cats and the dog and the trash can at the bottom. Later I had a Windows 95 machine on which I just created random shit again with mspaint. It's good to be young.
I like ketchup. :)
I love how much you people can write about this.
Fact: If it forces you to connect to the Internet more than just once, it seems very restrictive to me. There are times when my Internet cuts out, so I pass the time by playing video games. Good old SNES.

But really, I prefer gaming on my Debian system (a GNU/Linux distribution), since it's highly customizable and doesn't tell me how, when, or why to play my games.

As long as games have cross-platform support and people on different operating systems and consoles may play together, everyone can choose their favourite and be happy with it.

Fucking console wars.