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Wanna more. draw!
And looks great btw! even beter than previous pages!
*thumbs up* :3
this one is a good laugh. :3 oh and i like the foot too; and the fur under it. Poor doggy is seriously crushed...
Hmm.. there's nothing wrong it. It's very evil tho.
:3 adorable. nice work on BG!
rofkwhalmao. C: this is pretty seriously cool! The fans thing and all.
AND.. this page just made my day. Escpecially the drooling face of hers. lol.
Anyway.. another nice page done.
lol. XD Poor wolfy. This woman really is prepared.. suspicious.
lmao. XD . colors are bit extreme but chibis are cute!
Huu.. nice aunty.. she looks evil!
Really well done. in one day and all. XD
Wanna see what makes the 'BAM!' (even tho i know allready..)
Aww! The steam is like totally.. steamy!
YAY! It's .. cute. ^^
Oh and the BG is cool! With the lightning and all!