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I like to sing and draw......but I suck at drawing
Read my webcomic plz!! > w <
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Super cute comic! Hilarious as well *q*
Hnngg-changing a lot of things otl
Read from right to left!
Sorry hnngg-old pages are still here tho
August 19th, 2014
Derpy, sorry that the panels dont flow smoothly. Its been a long time otl
And uhh, the building is reffed off so I own nothing! //crais
This story is really interesting *q*
Hnngg-this is unbelievably cute *q* Inspirational as well ; u ;
Derrp-been so busy lately. Next page is the last page for the intro.
This page and the next one are the messiest derpy pages ever //sobs
Ahh-so cool *q*
@miiruri: thank you! ;///;
@miiruri: Thank you!! >//<

Ren: Aww-am I not pretty too? *winks*
Another update~ I hate anatomy otl
Edit: *I'm

Wow. My style. so so inconsistent. Sorry about that DX Testing a lot of things. Rushing quite a bit too.
Decided to change the eye styles >//< Still experimenting..

And LOL. Ren is so stupidly blunt.
Read from right to left. <3
Colored version here:
Wow. So inconsistent //sobs
Right to Left!
February 25th, 2014
Right To left
..Messy art otl
Yes. the stupid mini time skip. Will explain in the next page
@minnieamos: Ahhh-thank you so much! Q//Q
February 25th, 2014
Feel free to suggest stuff...