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Self-proclaimed artist who loves writing and sketching.
what DID she say about magicless?
Sil lives off campus with his roommate.

Welp. Finally got into digital. Going to start simple and work my way up from there.
@Cute2KnowU: Haha, it's alright! He came out p' late.

Aw. Thank you C:
No reason!
At least not anymore, haha.
Wow, really George? He wouldn't have had to if he hadn't decided to save your ungrateful ass.
June 19th, 2014
This page is oddly adorable.
June 19th, 2014
@Miss.Moonlily7: @Miss.Moonlily7: Probably 'cause of the whole "death in 3 seconds" stare thing lol.
Haha, oh god, that face in the fourth panel was perfect!

Cyan is so adorable, heheh.
You have no idea how much I love this page. Lysa is flipping awesome.
Cool. o3o I was worried it was too manga-like. Been trying to move away from the whole manga-esque drawing style.
Yes, but unfortunately there are many who do judge the quality of a story by the quality of the art C':

Oh, it's so much fun drawing his chicken nugget figure o3o poor little fella is all tub and chub.
Cripes, this looks so awesome.

For some reason it kinda has this surrealistic quality to it. Or maybe that's just me. Channing is such an awesome character o3o
YUP. Finally posted. I love my little useless tub of lard C:

Haha, that's a relief to know. Without a decent scanner and the abundance of digital art, traditional generally comes off as rather off-putting C':

Edit: out of curiosity, does this style strike you as more manga or comic like?
Name: Silvanus C(harice). Curse
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Year: Sophomore
Major: undecided but leaning towards Food Science or Healthcare
Pet Name: Sil

Silvanus was home schooled for much of his life and grew up in a very sheltered and protected environment, as his parents wished to provide for him what they themselves did not have, and were constantly doting on him. He's had a good upbringing, but his experience with the real world leaves much to be desired.
Freezes up and flusters easily, making it difficult for him to confront large groups or socialize well. Easily intimidated and somewhat shy, he does in actuality love being around people but can't seem to overcome his fear. Likewise, his clumsy and quiet demeanor does little to brighten him or his confidence. He cries relatively easily and his lack of awareness of the on-goings around him and his surroundings often give others the impression of gullibility and obliviousness. The redhead is also soft spoken and nervous around strangers nearly to the point of speech impediment, and he generally opts to clam up for fear of embarrassing himself. Unfortunately this, more often than not, gives him a rather awkward air. Tends to overthink things.
Due to his love of food (particularly sweets) and lacking physique, he's grown a bit tubby. He has high marks in academics, but more so due to his lacking social life and the allocation of that time to peruse books.
Though he holds a strong affection and appreciation for nature, his allergies keep him from venturing far and instead he tends to an assortment of plants he grows indoors as compensation.

Has a very simple and conservative dress style, usually a turtleneck and lounge pants. Clothes that cover his whole body.

*Has a bit of wanderlust when his heart and/or mind is weighed down
*Is a dubious liar
Talents: What talents?
Interests: diverse but excels in none of them
Dislikes: the dark, either extremities of temp. (but esp. the cold)

A/N: Unfortunately I know not of digital art, so expect only colored lead/outlining from me. Not bad for a smart-phone shot if I do say so myself. Somewhat unsatisfied, may touch up on his Bio later.
Can't he just return the darned thing into its ball?
Amazing coloring job, and a character with a lotta depth to boot! o3o

I like it <3
I'm down with that. I'm not so fond of NSFW type materials.

I just checked the forum, the interface seems user-friendly enough. Is there an IM system that we can implement though? I feel like that would probably spark more activity, although I heard you guys tried that with Skype.
If not the forum, I have Pesterchum (haha, the chat client no one else uses). Free to download and so far no viruses. Any other suggestions for IM systems other than Skype?

edit: sorry, forgot there was an RP folder in the forums, forget what I said up there ^
Poor, poor Nim, haha.
Way to go Atty. Does this mean he wins the pokemon battle?
Clarence is such a sweetie, haha, and poor Max! Poor guy just can't seem to catch a break can he?

edit: no, no, I'll be staying, just OMG BAMBI!!!