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Happy! (^o^)
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Inter-mitten confrances! The mittens are conversing!! Ohno!!! Ahhh!!!! Wah!!!!! No!!!!!! :(!!!!!!1
...that it's the most secrety secret in all of secretism?
"What? There can't be anyone HER..."
Her? Here!
Hey! That's the door from the unfinished bathroom!
Inbetween dimensions?...


OMG HES IN FLIPSIDE!!!! lololawlol
Heh... yeah.
August 30th, 2013
Look at the URL
This strip's REAL name is "page". :3
It's a disguise. A smiley disguise!
But Shiver Star is thought to be Earth under an ice age... shiverstar inc. would be earth inc.
Why didn't he get a cookie now?
You find the font he used, type letters, and find what symbols mean what.
What could possibly go wrong?
He could've made at least ONE comic per planet... but nope, he went straight to this. :(
...It kinda looks like it says "comic relief". :3
*no text*
In the last panel, Red is a HAWT DOGGEH. :D
The BEST Homestuck char:

Patrick Egbert. :P
I get it!
The answer is both! 50% = .5