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Hi im DJ i create spirte comics, i also animatie but i really love to do sprite comics. Yes i play MMOs like Maplestory is my favorite. Read mycomics and like them :D
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So this page was cool ya know, Taikozu is just adventuring Lofeton Town. next page he will eat at the famous Battle Diner! Stay Tuned.
Im back!Since its summer break I thought I should do my comic! Well anyway your going to be seeing alot of me! Enjoy!
You make me want to go buy that Magikarp on the bridge in B2 lol..
@TheSilverLeague: Lol Mewthree looks rather.... odd to me but its whatever lol I should get back on the site chat :3. Im liking the chapter alot so far. I still gotta resume mine lol..
@TheSilverLeague: Lol. I havent been on your website in awhile :O how are you?
@Princess_Eevee9: If the health center yes I stretched that out instead of resizing my bad :3
@Princess_Eevee9: The background like back back or the Health Center?
Yoink, I was sick x-x But here it is!
Hehe thats a close one. That it was going to hit Miltank
@JoFro: Looks at favorites pages. Jo's Pokemon Journey Last Update: Today. Me: ROLYPOLYWOLYJOLYFROGGY. Im glad your back :D I wonder why Elm is there
@JoFro: Thanks Alot! I love your comic to!
@Princess_Eevee9: Woops hehe. Thanks alot though! I just missed the black glow around the textboxes
Lol Pinkdoodle. Funny bro
@TheSilverLeague: Lol Yeah but Ill draw a real mouth now thank you!
GOtta love that Snorlax saving you at all the right moments!
Lol nice bro the funniest part is the faces they make!
Segrado nooooo dont take that froomm himmm! Lol but nice