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OMFG!!!! (extreme nosebleedarama)
dont stop there!
December 24th, 2007
you just cant tell! The seme could almost be either, but at the same time it's neither! Just thinking about it makes my poor head spin!
love the little chibi face! He looks adorable!
I agree with her! He is so a pervert!
Wait! No! She cant do that! She's suppose to end up with Kino! ...right?... right?
I just found this comic today....It was love at first sight. I dont comment alot but I really dont want you to discontinue such a great comic. I hope you continue it because I'd really like to see what happens.
I hate cliffhagers!!!!!!!!!!!! That's why I won't read a book that doesn't include every volume! Oh well, just make sure to undate tomarrow.
that had a different ending... but it was definitely a nice ending!
hot wolf is right!!!
Hahahahahahaha! Love the title!
YOU!......YOU...!HOLY f-ING CRAP!YOU! YOUR AS BAD AS MY FRIEND! God it took me a full 10 minutes to start breathing normal again! I hate you! Oh and that comment about boy love being wrong pissed me off!
Got that right! Society can be pretty bad sometimes.