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@DracheLehre: Oh, yes it does, but how it does is hard to explain. I've never read your comic though.
@rogue: I don't know what that is.
Late updates.
Just a heads up - college is taking a chunk out of a lot of my time. And not only that, but a friend and I are doing a comic based on our Firered/Leafgreen (Kanto) adventures soon. I'll try to keep updating here too.
September 28th, 2012
Yup yup.
So, just like our cover page, we now see two of our protagonists.

Btw, people have been asking, but this Torchic isn't Sehk. This Torchic is a girl. You'll meet Sehk soon though. ;3
September 26th, 2012
@SpeedBoostTorchic: Hah, well there are actually a few protagonists, and you got one right. However, go back and look at Sehk's eyes in the hoenn starters page. The main Torchic protagonist has different eyes than Sehk, and Sehk has always been a Pokemon. x3
September 25th, 2012
Here we go.
Oh, who are these Pokemon? Who's talking?

Both are important - let's see if any of you can guess.
Heroes of the Hoenn Region
So, I wanted to show the partners I choose for my games. Ahem, so yeah, their names are color-coded per their game. Which means, I had a Torchic as a starter in Emerald, I had a Treecko in Sapphire, and I had a Mudkip in Ruby. Please know I actually restarted all my games recently and played all these at the same time. I made two women characters, and one male character. Pam, my trainer from Sapphire, chose Elder, the Naughty Treecko. Behr, my male trainer from Ruby, chose Cobalt, the Gentle Mudkip. Ray, my trainer from Emerald, chose Sehk, the Rash Torchic.

In this story, all three trainers started their journeys together, however, Pam and Behr traveled together while Ray went off on her own and actually partnered up with another trainer named Hal. There will be bits and pieces of this story in the mystery dungeon story.
Well hello there!
Welcome to Pokemon Hope! We are now kicking off the comic with the first cover.

As you've probably seen from the logo, the disclaimer before this, and this cover page, there is a lot of purple used. Now why is that, you may ask? Purple is one of the main colors that will be used in this comic. It is supposed to convey a sense of mystery and foreboding. It is also one of my favorite colors.

With the purple used, you will also see I use a lot of red and blue. This technique will be used in every page, but with different palettes of colors. c:
Please read before continuing.
As you read the comic, you'll notice there are several different things between the actual games and this comic. The stuff in the disclaimer above are just a few of the few things you'll see as the comic progresses.

And half-way through each chapter, and between chapters, there will be added art. Some of it may be from the Mystery Dungeon side, or from Hoenn.

There are a few things I wanted to say that are escaping me, but I'll be sure to bring them up when it becomes relevant.