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Pokemon fan, and I love to read comics!

Sadly, not a comic maker myself, so this is just a watching account. ^^;
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Why no edgy zigs ehh? >:C
Ha, New Bork. XD
@YolkenEgg: To be fair, it's about the silhouette more than the color. Well, as long as you're aware, do as you please X3
Uhh, unless ya going for a particular kind of comic, I'd suggest ya do a redesign of the cover
>3> I spot a smell ya later moment, and thus, war flashbacks
I'm convinced there's a hotel; BRING ON THE RUMORS
HMMMM, but that makes it twice now she showed up with Reece around; coincidence?! Possibly
Man I love these expressions XD
"Well I like the sound of it!"

"It means everything is gonna end and we're all doomed."

To be fair, it looks like a purification chamber ready to open up darkrai's heart completely! :3
Flygoooon; I enjoy this comic at least 20% more now :3c
This isn't my usual forest?!
It's like anyone just leaves important artifacts lying around when in a scramble these days!
There needs to be more reassurance applied D:
Oh lordy, this is a return alright; hope she escapes quick and painless ;w;
>3> This situation seems....familiar
Ah yes the extra drama I have been waiting for in my PMD comic viewing experience :B Legitimately I don't really see relationships explored deeply like this in PMD comics without it being a certain...caliber, so to speak. It's quite interesting to see.