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Pokemon fan, and I love to read comics!

Sadly, not a comic maker myself, so this is just a watching account. ^^;
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Welp 21 pages longer than most do before reboots anyways
and this is how rescue teams form
@Neolancer: Second panel, above Grace's head
Out of everything going on, I'm still glad to make out that blurred charmeleon in the background =u=
Ooooooooh snap almost forgot about them; however they don't seem to be there to fight; guess we'll see!
I wonder if the professor will ever realize they fell asleep =u=

Aw snap noticed that they have questions to focus on, they gonna faaaaail D:
When ya so behind and bored that ya forget that you're getting extra lessons outside of class, and ya wanna ditch :B

Also pretty fire =u= <3
Welp, time to start
Getting close to nine years in the making, so may as well start somewhere~
Pssst, happah bifdap! ouo
Isn't that how most bosses go? XD Dodge until you can land a hit?
Hey question: Are ya going to incorporate the 6th gen type changes, or is this grandbull a normal type? :3c
Pfff, lucario and charmeleon, how nice. :3c
I don't care what you have to say I'm shipping them already cause I'm weird like that. -u-
I think the real question is: Where's XD 007?
I caught up to a cliffhanger. =u=;
Typo on alright on the first panel