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What a lucky thing that Focus Blast missed! I didn't remember Reuniclus had the move... Tattie would've been toast!

Once I knew a girl who was just like Caitlin. Every bit of a little bitch, I mean, diva as her.
I was planning to do a summary of my team members' stats (including movesets) as an extra when the comic is over, but it will take some time to get there :0 if you need to know them ASAP I can send you a message via PM/Tumblr/deviantART/email etc.
Remember when I said I forgot how to draw efficiently? Yeah now I thought it'd be a cool idea to shade Liepard's fur hair by hair.

Apologies to everyone whose favorite Bisharp is.
Hangran's new ability is to summon hairy potatoes at will.

GOSH it's been so long I managed to forget how to draw efficiently. I need to let loose a bit more... but it feels good to be back at Nuzlockin'!!

All the E4 fights will include the name of the move that felled the opponent (as well as possibly some otherwise noteworthy moves).
@Lottos35: @alvi: @Orwell: @deriliam:
Thank you guys, I won't disappoint you again. The first fight is almost drawn out now!
Thank you, I'm sorry I had to make you (and everyone else) wait but I'm finally back at updating. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the comic!
I am... terribly sorry, everyone. I am so, very, sincerely, incredibly sorry for no updates of any kind for almost one full year.

Nuzlocke hadn't left my mind not once during this time. It's unfortunate how time flies and believe me, this wasn't my intention, I didn't want this to happen. I aimed to complete the comic in 2013 but sometimes... life just gets in the way.

There were so many things that I had to work on that I simply couldn't devote myself to this comic anymore. After a while I just became embarrased by ignoring the comic and all you wonderful guys who've shown interest in it. The embarrasment fed the incapability to continue and the longer I stalled the harder it became to return to.

Some of you might be familiar with similar vicious cycles, but... I have finally aquired the tools to break free of mine. My Nuzlocke run WILL be drawn to the end, and it will happen soon.

I love everyone who's read the comic, I love everyone who's left a comment, and I love everyone who's wished that it would get completed, and I thank you for your support. Your wait has NOT been in vain as I am about to pick up the pencil and lead this story to a conclusion... Playing the challenge and drawing this comic has been too big an adventure to simply just scrap and discard.

THANK YOU everyone for holding on, and please accept my sincerest apologies. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the comic!
You're talking about the time when I lost Pepe? Hedley had no good attacks, Poison does only half damage to Fighting types, Hedley had Weak Armor and since Throhs are physical attackers there really was no chance Hedley could have beat him.
They were all at level 58 when I entered the League.
Ooh, colors!
I did a colored page to distract you because I can't promise regular updates for a while. I'm moving next week and school starts soon, but I will do my best to conclude this comic.

This is the beginning of the last chapter!
*eye of the tiger playing in the background*
I briefly considered taking Vittoria into my team but I wanted to keep the current arrangement.

I can't say when the next update will be as I have to carefully plan the end of the comic! Please stay tuned o/
I could do that, I'm the artist after all; I could make anything happen in the next panel.

There it goes, a million pieces flying in the wind... Better draw it back into shape!

Hah, that's pretty good :DD I'll do just that!

But yeah, occasional 4th wall breaching was listed on the rules page but I wanted to hit the wall a little harder this time.
Haha, Chandra's fur got all curly because of the rain.

Banner has been updated!
Uh no, that's Tattie. Valja the Watchog is in the box.

I'll give a shot at Emerald next, but I don't know if I'll make it into a comic.
Rots is nervous because this is his first Gym and he's instantly going against dragons.