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Heyo, it's me Grim. You should know me by now, I'm that Smackjeeves dead idiot.

I may be coming back, not sure. Until then I hope to be alive once more.
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Beep boop, new master sheet for Kel with some fixes and the new layout. :'L
The comic may be dead, but we are not! :D
And I can confirm it has been atleast 84 years in dog years. maybe.
And that he's an adorable dad. :3

By the way, It's been a while since I've posted a drawn thing here, hasn't it? whoops.
I've got Kelray's dad designed! Or, his design finalized? And I went ahead and did a little sprite of him. vuv
The current goings on are that he supposedly died during a factory explosion... that's why Kel is so confused. What she doesn't know though, is that this incarnation of her dad is from before that accident. He has no idea why this adult leopard who eerily resembles his daughter thought he died at some time. :'3
HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEARS~ I've never yet forgotten L+H=D~ vuv I just forgot that the New Year was a thing. :'3
foooor.. the past 6 years. OTL
I'd be a little afraid of pocket sized any Rem... Having someone with a thirst for blood in your pocket doesn't sound very safe. :'3
I've had the first frame of this since.. forever! And with FireAlpaca's animation update, I went ahead and animated it. =)
I don't really do custom animation stuff a lot, so... there's probably some wonkiness with it. But, I'm working to improve, and this is a step in that direction~
This Nerd
I've had a lot of these sprites done for a while and just haven't uploaded them. So.. here they are. :3

Edit 5/12/18: I re-did the layout for her sheet to what I'll be using from now on for everyone's layouts!
To quote "kingsamurai"
Cartridge Roll'd.

EDIT: OH SHIT THIS IS THE 100TH COMIC ;;;;;-----;;;;;

-guilty- "

Not sure who you're referring to..? ;u;' but uh, hi there~

Hm, are you saying to put the wings from the one on the left onto the one on the right and go with that? Because I'm not quite sure about doing that.. Hm, I might not have made it too clear as to which sprite is the new one? As the old body and old wings look quite terrible to me and I can't see reason to keep any of the old body. Hence why I didn't even try to edit any of the old sprites, I just started new.
Hm, either way.. As of now (I've been so late to reply to you, ;u;'' sorryboutthat) I think I've got her figured out and will be uploading a cleaned up sheet of the sprites I have done so far. ^^'
uh.. thanks though. ;u;' even though I don't quite understand what you meant.
Look! It's Stella again!
Hmmm.. While looking at some of my characters sprite sheets, I noticed Stella and how much I liked spriting her, but I also noticed that her wings looked terrible and that her shading violated my usual limit of 4 shades her colour! So, I redid the lovely dear, and made some changes to her design which you should be able to notice~

It seems that when I first sprited her I was trying to shade her wings like lumpy bits of Play-Dough when usually butterfly wings are kinda. flat. So while you can't tell too well with them on her, I think I shaded them better this time. And made the markings more believable.
Let me know if there's anything weird going on here that I should fix, like wonky shading or clashing colours as I'm still working on the shading thing, and I'm not good at colour combinations. XD
Santa hats!

ANYWHO~ Kelray seems to be rather festive this December, eh? All the lovely red and green and the red hats and whatnot. I wanted to do an old thing I did to a friends character as a Christmas present long ago~ ADD SANTA HATS TO THEM~<3 And in the process of doing this again, I found out I've greatly improved in spriting Santa hats. So, that's a good thing. XD

So, happy early holidays, and.. yeeup. Outta things to say. whoop! -disappears or something-
So this guy's run cycle works pretty well! My biggest worry was his tail, which kinda to me looks the best. Lol.
Let me know how it looks, k? .u. I don't do animated sprites often, so.. yeah. I hope this is okay.
@Mist the Moonhunter
Thank yous~ /)VuV(\
I'm glad you think it's lovely~
Thanks, glad you think so. =)

@Mist the Moonhunter
Asdfg. Yees. That's what I wanted to do. X'D I'm glad I have~
I've tried custom spriting, because I suck at finding backgrounds. So I'll just kinda.. make my own? Yeah. That'll work.

Let me know how it looks. S'all custom sprited by me. ;u;' trying to improve with that stuff~<3
Haha, and you all thought this was dead.
It probably still is. But I still make the occasional comics. Like this one. Provided I have a background. Which I've always had trouble finding.

So, I made one. Just for this. :'I

Also. Turnips suck. That's simply my opinion. I'm quite alright if you like turnips though. But don't be surprised if any of your turnips disappear.
So here's what I did.
1. Made the whole sheet prettier, bringing back aspects of the layout of one of her older sprite sheets.
2. Finished some of the WIP sprites.
3. Made a little younger Kelray sprite. That thar little Kelray be custom~<33 And gets really hyperactive when you feed her sweets. So don't do that please.

I think that's about it. Big update, prettier layout, and updated credits. =D
Tell me how you think it looks, and what I can do to improve it!
I really didn't mean for it to be this freaking big...
But it kinda ended up happening like that. Big. Huge. Ice Sword thing.. TuT;
I'll be updating Emma's master sheet to include the sword and all it's angles thus far, along with some sprite updates! The sheet's a bit messy though, so beware if you go to look!
Please do move on to the next comic. This is quite awful really. ;A;'' -hides away-