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Hewo! Um... this is one of those profile thingies aren't they...? Okay here goes then.

Occupation: Student (but I rule the world on weekends!)

Nyaron likes: Yaoi/ shounen-ai, drawing, writing, sweets, Norse mythology, fanart and turtles

Nyaron hates: Art and writing blocks, homophobes, flamers (although they are really funny at times...)cold weather and people with no sense of humour.

More randomness it to be added when I can think of more randomness... >_>
I'm loving the comic so far, keep up the great work! <3

Um, can I ask what font you use for the pages? I'm curious...
I love the secoond pannel, Penn's expression when shouting 'yes!'makes me smile. As well as the line 'friends have MODES now?!' XD Wrrrry~ Keep up the great work darlin'!
The stick figure at the end is pure win. I hope Penn didn't get eaten! ;A;
Whee it's back! I wanna start mine up again too but school's killing me. It's cram, cram, cram as I'm nearly graduating. Fuuuun *sarcasm*

Yukiko looks so cool ^^ ~<3
Nyaa, it must be so nice pilling all the pages up like that! It kinda motivates me draw Caster a bit quicker XD I really like how the pages are formatted though, I had no idea you left that much room on a page o_O Keep up the good work nyaa?
Nyaa a car? But I thought they were only like...14 or something... maybe she hotwired it? XD
Whee, chapter cover and first comment! It's pencil crayon that you used right? Great job nyaa!
June 14th, 2007
Ha ha that made me laugh so much, the expressions were so cute... and somehow I kinda foresaw this happening... continue when you can nyaa!
June 7th, 2007
Writer in training
Well I think I can easilly write something up for yoo... how do I send it? And how long does it need to be? ^^