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Hey there, KHKirby! I'm a video game fanatic, specifically Kirby, Kingdom Hearts, and Smash Bros. If you ever need to contact me, do so at! I have literally no life, I'm on there all the time. Thanks!
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I have risen from my Smackjeeves grave to tell you to STOP
>Isn't there another object to the left of the pillar? You should inspect that as well.
I think we should go with goblins. Spiders can be a lot smaller and hard to kill, plus they can crawl all up in your armor. Not fun.
Ask the guards why the heck they haven't ACTUALLY done anything with the demon yet. Have they just been standing there with their swords drawn for the past half hour??
Name: Casey

Ask this lizard if he knows anything about what the guards are doing inside.
Do a review check of your equipment. It's always convenient to list everything you have, both for you and for... others...
What about Lunar Hal-

I mean, uh, Lucy Hale.


Yeah, I'm not sorry either.
Aika is a national treasure and should be preserved at all costs.
@Ultimate Yoshi: Oh come on, I think you're all ignoring the obvious here. Ridley's too unpopular. Now Dark Pit, now THAT'S a character.
@BattleStarX: How about a healthy dose of Floor Ice Cream?
Also, I'd like to make a note that I am the "Chris" person in Ulti's replays.

Also, notice how I don't win a single match. At all.
I thought the #1 of evil cackling was to never walk towards evil cackling.
But Etam doesn't have any sleeves...?
@ BattleStarX EVERYBODY is fun to squish. Don't deny it.
They're probably asking for either cookies or a hug. Both of which I'd gladly give if I got the chance.
I'm pretty sure that Kexas isn't the most fearsome Kirby in Dreamland.

It's Kaaby.
How much do you think it'd cost for me to commission a Kirby tank from Kaaby?
It's funny how you used my question as the last panel for the review.

Also Ulti, could you delete the link to the Caiya Fan Art that I made? I deleted it because it was terrible. :/ I'm ChrisTheKirby on DA.