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@X man: ... Thank you for your insight oh wise one. I have discovered something of similar caliber that I thought you might enjoy.
@M.W: Thank you! I'm glad to be in a drawing mood.
@RealBoxTheEevee: Yes, senpai, I'm honored you have noticed me!
I got in a mood. I've been drawing allot more recently, those who read the news update are in the loop. Thanks to everyone who offered help and encouraging words, it means allot that you're all here. I think I got everything, in the sense of the plot line, under control after the third go.

I'm hoping to go through my old pages and correct old spelling mistakes I was too lazy to fix, and also hopefully get deviant art back up and running. (I apparently forgot my passcode)

Another update for those interested: Also on deviant art I will possibly be posting other things besides things based on the PMD comic, like random drawings and other fan art. And as for my comic that I plan to make in the future (the one I plan to make as a profession) I can tell you I intend it to be a loooooong series of graphic novels (probably online but could be a paper book series) with one main story and a bunch of side stories and spin offs all of which take place in the same made up world and its going to be really weird as I often go to the weird side of Youtube when lacking in inspiration and it will probably make you question existence as a whole. Its probably years away from being officially started, PMD will most likely be long finished by then if I can keep a good schedule, but I'm hype for it and you guys can be hype for it too. On deviant art when the day comes that I do make it ill be posting there the details on what it is and when it is so if your interested to read it there will be stuff there about it when the time comes. Any other information about this comic will be posted in its own separate part of DA as to keep this space for PMD but I thought a few who are interested would like to know.
@Guest: Because your platonic waifu was reminded of this video when you said Nazi. (still my favorite nickname, I'm not letting this die)
@FandomstuckHigh: Hehehe I thought it fit nicely. You know, how you're equius and I'm Nepeta? Wildebeest, Lion, No?... Okay.
@FandomstuckHigh: Ahh, Thanks! I gotta be more careful with the text.
@RealBoxTheEevee: Honestly, I'm not sure this comic will ever be made. You can submit something in the off chance it might, but I'm already preoccupied with my PMD comic and school. After which I will be moving on to make other things (I'm going to school for illustration to make graphic novels and illustrations for books) And I have plans already for a graphic novel series that I will make after I graduate.

So You can submit something but it most likely wont do anything within the next few years, if at all.
The only unhealthy thing I see is how much hatred is in that person. Seriously you need a hug or something bro, maybe try yoga.
Happy (coughearlycough) Easter y'all.
@T-H-E GUY: Ahh, but our bloody best is all in vein. ...
@M.W: M: Don't you get sassy with me.
@T-H-E GUY: nyeheh, I had to settle for that version. The original was going to be more along the lines of "Blood all over our fucking bodies as we sprint in fear to unknown cause it can't be as shity as the hell hole we just escaped from. Lady lucks and asshole the little shit made me trip down two hills and almost break my leg over four tree roots, not to mention the time I got my damn foot stuck in a hole and the tide came in and almost murdered me dead. Fucking assholes left and right, the little shit nuggets; can't seem to shake these fuckers. At least I'm not on a team with them or anything- well i'll be damned.

By Jayden, edited and revised by Autumn.
Eevee and kip thought it was funny... Jackie wouldn't let it slide.
@T-H-E GUY: haha, I guess you could say its in my blood.
@Fiddy cent: Thank you, Fiddy Cent. Jesse it sounds like a counterfeit product, fiddy cent. you go to concerts and all you hear is the correct songs, but they're all mispronounced like that and there's dank memes everywhere and shifty people wanting to sell you watches.
@WiispNightmare: well there is a brush I use in Photoshop, I don't know what its called though, and it doesn't really matter as long as you can find something that fits the program you're using and your art style. The main trick is to know how blood works I guess. Take into account lighting and how dark or light it is in the background, gravity and how it effects the flow or splatter of the blood, what it looks like on certain materials like fabric, wood, skin, etc. And all that other junk.

Something that helped me is make sure the blood isn't just one shade of red depending on how much blood there is. (the results of this may vary with your art style) but blood is usually lighter and thinner if its just a bit lightly smeared on someone's skin or fur etc. But if its coming from a large cut or gash, or is clumped together then it will be darker. Making it darker in the center and lighter on the edges helped me. Just make sure there's different shades is what I guess I'm trying to get at.

If you really wanna get into it you can Google images of blood or accidents (as morbid as that is) and just stare at that for a while. I mean if anyone asks, were artists so its alright -3- hehe

Honestly the most helpful thing would be the above, or just watching videos of blood (like people getting murdered in horror movies) and seeing how it moves in different circumstances and figure out how it works yourself, but I hope these tips were helpful enough to start.
@renandathedewott: Thanks, I have a few pages already made but I don't wanna just post them all and have nothing to post later. So I'm trying to figure out how to post these and if I can keep up making more pages.
@LittleMoons: Hehe, an excuse to draw blood is one of the reasons I draw this comic.
@T-H-E GUY: *dances furiously*