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Some trans dork on the Internet who draws Pok�©mon, furries, and robots.
@SilverLunarwing: is she trans i support her
I'm kinda getting bored of drawing this comic tbh
The story isn't coming out how I want it, I don't like how the cast is made of non-original characters, and I have other projects that I'd like to work on more but this eats my attention. Don't be surprised if I discontinue this. Something tells me not many people will care if I do, honestly. Some might even like it. (Looking at you, former Dancing with Death followers.)
If there's anything this comic has made me get better at drawing, it's people walking through doors.
late upload whoops I thought today was saturday
Once again I stop giving a fuck and just straight up put a graphic from JoJo on it
Another Story has been online and updating for a whole year now! Just realised that.
I like to blow my special effects budget on one page per chapter.
Tried a different style for the panels.
Also courtesy of my boyfriend for the shading in the background. Thanks, Mikel.
Back at it again with those blank frames and otherwise lazy drawings

Cars were always something I hated drawing why did I set this in a modern world
Heads up: there will be no update next week! I will be out of town, thus unable to draw.
These chapters aren't ending up as long as I wanted them to be, but at least I'm getting the plot points across that they need to.
(TCoS probably had consistently longer chapters because I only ever fit three panels per page max, whereas Another Story usually uses four.)
If you ever wanted a precise moment when I stopped giving a shit, I would direct you to this page.
Also, today is my birthday. Woo-hoo?
I wonder if anyone has figured out how I name the numbers in the titles.
The first number is the chapter number, and the last is the overall page. The middle is more complex.

((Total number of pages) mod (Total number of pages at the end of the previous chapter)) - 1

Or, y'know, the current page within the chapter.
February 1st, 2016
I'm surprised this takes less time, it honestly looks a lot more polished then SSE
Going back to its roots with the strip format, huh?
At least I got it on Sunday?
Sorry about last week I was sick
//i am the worst webmaster aa
Yeah I can't seem to hit Sunday... Monday seems like a more easily consistent day? I dunno.
Anyways, hope this page isn't too hard to tell what order you're supposed to read the dialogue in wwww
Look at that, a slightly different panel format.
And a weird texting screen, might see more of that later.
This is my favourite page for density of potential reaction images.

Also sorry about missing the update yesterday lmao was playing monhan4u demo with my boyfriend
Yeah sorry about missing last week
I honestly don't remember what prevented me from uploading but let's pretend it was Halloween I guess?
I usually draw these in advance the day before and Halloween kinda left me tired (in retrospect I should've started earlier but I don't really have a lot of people paying attention to this comic yet so who cares amirite)