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Just a nerd who has way too much time on his hands.
I run Missingminds on YouTube and I make The Purrfect Roommate.
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    Shaun Buckalew
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How has Vicky been able to afford rent? What is she going to do now? Did you not just read the issue?

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Finally finished this. God damn this issue went through Production Hell but I finally got it done. Hopefully future issues will come out MUCH quicker.
Kitty Cardio
Don't try to keep up with a cat. It won't be pretty.
Poor Guy
Lets be honest, this is not surprising.
Late but here
Sorry about this being late, this past week has been extremely rough. I still got the comic done... enjoy
Tired kitty is tired
Ned does something nice for Vicky and I personally think this one is too damn adorable.
Wow I'm kind of surprised I've made 20 issues already. Thank you all so much for the views and 3 comments. (comments as extremely important to me)

Here's an issue I've been wanting to do for a long time and I have finally done it. I hope y'all enjoy and thank you for your patience with there being no issue last week.

Way to help support the comic and more.

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I see your point
If you have cats you know exactly how this is. One of the best things to do with a cat... but might be more of a pain with a catGIRL.

Way to help support the comic and more.

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New Friends
Vicky found a way to help deal with being home alone when the boys are at work. Watching Lets Play Youtubers. She's a huge fan of these guys as you can tell.

So with the countless number of people who these guys help get through tough days, here's one more to add.

Way to help support the comic and more.

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Poor Vicky
She doesn't like to be alone and she hates it when the boys leave for work. She's... not had the best experiences when it comes to times like these.
Little CatNap
So I haven't been feeling well this week and have been SUPER stressed out. It was so hard just to draw but I wanted to still give you guys something this week. So here's a new addition to the comic called CatNaps. 1 - 2 panel issues of silly little things that happen in the lives of the gang.

This week Vicky and Guy play Undertale... with an O Box controller I guess... Vicky is a sweet girl who wouldn't hurt a fly unless that fly was a threat to something she loves. Poor Guy.
Hell of a Spirit
I've always wanted to do a joke like this so this makes me happy to have made.

Special Guest: Lupus Creepus
Check out his channel here:
Um... Vicky honey....
That's not how that works.

I mean yeah cheer on the person doing well that way you never indirectly lose.

So ACT 2 is underway and this comic feels more official now that were done with ACT 1. I made some changes to the format and I really like how it looks.

Let me know what you think.
Act one is over and now it's time to have some real fun.

Thank you all for the support you've given.
Too relatable
To be a straight guy and to be considered gay because you don't have a girlfriend is really frustrating. It IS the same as when gay people are told their not gay they just haven't found the right person or Asexual people told the same.

So yeah micro version of how I feel about the subject, now laugh at Ned's pain. Also this is Armin a German businessman straight from Germany. He's kind of like a grandpa with a better understanding of kids today... but he's still a grandpa.
I wonder what happened last time to make Ned sweat so much. Also new character intro next week.
Poor Ned
Am I the only one who knows exactly how Ned feels here?
Woo Back on track
Got this done on time.
Sometimes I feel sorry for Ned because I can relate to him in these kinds of situations.
Super sorry this was late guys. The shit that is life hit the fan kind of hard this past week but I'll make sure we'll stay on schedule. Enjoy the strip and share n' fan the comic.
Author Comment
I don't know what else to have the title for this comment be.

So here we see Vicky and Guy at the bar.
Of course guy wants to know if Vicky is seeing anyone but I don't think he was really expecting her answer.

And who doesn't love a little karoke?