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Noooooooooooo. Man I totally wanted them to have more alone time. Sad face.
@SilverHyena: oh I’ve changed numerous times who my characters end up with. When you write sometimes things just happen and you go... “oh...damn they should totally be the ones that are together. How did I not see that before?”
Yay pages! They may be embarrassing for you, but they’re also hot.
All the hugs. He gets all the hugs.
Yes. Yes tell him you think he’s adorable. Exxxxxcellent.
My love for them is well known. Just saying. ;)
Awwww! Sweet baby. I heart him so much.
Oh my poor babies! The drama! I can hardly take it.
That’s it. Hold my drink. I’ve got ass to kick.
So many mixed emotions. The urge to kick his dad’s ass. The need to get him out of the library...and that house. Mostly the urge to kick some ass.
Eavesdroppers never hear good things
October 1st, 2018
@rukan: I dunno. Happy fluffy can be very interesting. Small bits of drama added maybe. But that’s just my desperate opinion...
Or stay. Who knows what may happen....
September 18th, 2018
September 3rd, 2018
I was about to yell for joy at seeing Val but now I’m just worried.
Even though they’re not a couple...they’re still my fav couple. I know, I know. I just...I think they’re better for each other.
August 12th, 2018
I will so many of the comics I’m reading right now are taking painful turns
Someone’s about to get fiesty
Wait, let me get popcorn and a good seat before you tell them
Straight to the point!