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You do what you have to do! I know I’m happy to just read what I can get.
You do what you have to do! I know I’m happy to just read what I can get.
And that’s why I love Ichiro. *pushes them together*
*shipper heart whispers iiiiiiochiiiorrrroooooo*

....cough....hey look, a zoo! Yea zoos! I love zoos.
Randomly, I’m in love with that staircase.
March 3rd, 2019
In my experience, reckless rebound sex rarely makes you feel very good afterwards.
*sings Smooth Operator by Sade*
@SilverHyena: very true, very true. It’s really like living on the land of denial and trying to drink rum to maintain yourself only to find out the rum is gone.
Yes, leaving him would be the very last thing on my mind. Kissing him would be the first. Just saying.
Man I thought he was beautiful in black and white but in full color? Whew....I’m...I’m gonna need a moment to recover.
I heart them so much!

I’m glad you’re feeling better! Don’t make me wrap you inbubble wrap like I threaten to do to my best friend. That child is so accident prone...
@SilverHyena: then I shall try and tel my shipper heart to be patient ;)
Noooooooooooo. Man I totally wanted them to have more alone time. Sad face.
@SilverHyena: oh I’ve changed numerous times who my characters end up with. When you write sometimes things just happen and you go... “oh...damn they should totally be the ones that are together. How did I not see that before?”
Yay pages! They may be embarrassing for you, but they’re also hot.
All the hugs. He gets all the hugs.
Yes. Yes tell him you think he’s adorable. Exxxxxcellent.
My love for them is well known. Just saying. ;)
Awwww! Sweet baby. I heart him so much.
Oh my poor babies! The drama! I can hardly take it.