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hehe evil giggles but thats the fun playing fair is just so boreing make him squrm hehe
@Ninvampirate2010: ok , you dont sound like a jurk to me tho
please make him all betterz *starts crying* he no bad foxii
sits there in backround glairing at her * what do you know mean old jurk*
o-o yah ummmmmm drools
lmao why o why thow a peace of paper at sai *has a giggle fit*
sniffulz i just wona huggles him and make it all better
omg pore aki she such a mean jurky jurk i hope aki tells on her that was so cold hearted grrrrrr ..........
thats so mean *evil glairs at her*
giggle hope it gos as good with daddy as it did with mommy ^^
pore ryuuta huggggglesssssssssss (arther) and you dont wona know what i tend to use my imageination on it is a verry fun but kinky thing to play with so dont ask and you wount have to take a ice bath giggle
(arther ) it might not be the right thing to do but hay cant blaim me for the thought i mean i ammmmmmmmmmm a magor pervert giggles andy way i hope ryuuta trys to let it work *sighs sadly *
pore thing pouts and gives ryuuta evil eye bad chu bad bad bad id spank you but youd injoy it >>....
sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yay tat a boy ryuuta XD
o no i have a bad feeling the lady hit the dog with her car or something pore puppyyyyyyyyyyyy
giggle o ryuuta you just went from nuuuuuuu to omg my pore baby giggles* eyes arthers hands* better not stop any doors that looks painful
giggles yay i can comment on dis page wonder why aki sead to w8 hummmmmmm just now saw the pic. of ryuuta by lightstar and all i can say is if i woke up to that one day id die of blood loss XD
giggle its all good (silly aki)
aki your so silly lol