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I go to Central Queensland University.
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    Lyndon W.
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And it's the big uber photocopier that runs on fusion!
About time
I wish I could say it was because I check every single day that I can say this, but as you likely know that is a lie.

Look, underground mole people! The next step in evolution!
John hasn't disappeared into the great blue yonder, has he?!
That's what they tell me, but I've never been to a mountain with any! Maybe I'm not looking hard enough...
That two hour delay threw me off. OFF! I thought you had certainly bit the big one.
I see I'm not the only one who think it's a girls name.
Silly me
Silly me, of course he is. But it is a rather odd name for a male dog.

You mentioned his masculinity in a text post, by the way, after my looking back.
Daffodil is male!?
Those thumbs
Those thumbs scare me.
Hey, I was born in Tasmania, and down there we have no dingoes to follow the examples of.
I think I must object to this portrayal of my fellow Queenslanders, we eat our babies leg first, so that we may enjoy the tasty head last.
If it's someone's pet, isn't it technically not a dingo?