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@magnar1234: I don't know what that is.
Damn! I'm really gonna miss your quirky style, misao. <3 It's been a lot of fun. I understand that you've got other things to do, though, and I wish you luck!
@Surfersquid: I think he's just jealous. :P
These Dwarves are the best! XD
Ah, Mitch is so clueless, and so darn adorable. Only he would think it rude to reject a challenge from a complete stranger. <3
Whoa there, Danica. Having withdrawals?
@1ce_k1d: Because he is FABULOUS!
Haha, proper grammar. Mitch could learn something from this guy! I'm intrigued.
Nothing ominous about this message. It is a nice sword. :P
I reckon it's the latter. That hat IS fabulous!
I've already signed up! :P

Orcs. Don't you hate it when your phone contracts plot device? So inconvenient.
Do they have something against fruit, or...?

Ooh, who does this mysterious gloved hand belong to? And what is their interest in Mitch? DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN!!!
Bonus! They have Wi-Fi!
I cannot express my love for Vaisakh. She's just brilliant.
I do love how Hybbyt falls asleep at random intervals. It's hilarious!
Don't mess with her, man!
Oh, Mitch. You're adorable. I love Danica's dramatic groan. :P
I agree. She definitely needs to find herself a new group of friends!

Then again, they are arriving any day now...
You really do draw the best expressions, misao. I love this comic. <3