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I'm a blue-eyed, brunette, with a good sense of humor, so don't worry!

I like to draw, sing, play video games, listen to music, and write poems.

I'm an honors student.

I hate racism, homophobics, stereotypes, hypocrites, and people who are just plain jerks.

I like kitties, dogs, wolves, and foxes.

Warning: I may be weird. I can go from quiet to crazy so fast, it'll send a whole row of mice into comas.

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December 14th, 2009
That was the best comic of all time.
September 3rd, 2009
That was just wow.


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If you're having trouble registering, and you trust me enough, PM me on Smackjeeves your email, and the name and password you want, and I'll do it for you.

My name there is still Mythril. I also have a mediocre webcomic there under iWTH.

I'll still come here. Just been in New York.

For the rest of you...

Bacon's awesmoe. And I don't really like gumdrops too much.

... Right now, though, I'm yearning for some sushi, or some tasty sashimi ^^
You can't spell "Random" without "Tangerine Swordfish Disco Car".
1. When a shoe and a baseball bat get really drunk, stuff happens, and gets bad results.

2. Follow the winds lol

3. I'm not gonna explain "when a mommy and daddy squirrel fall in love" to you. It's all the storks.
lol ST. Do you have a squirrel?
March fourth. Like, march forward. Lol
What is the only date of the year that is also an action?


March 4th!

*drumroll and shot in the face* YAY!

BTW, if you get all the items, unlock all the treasure chests, and get all the keys, there shouldbe a secret ending to Kingdom Hearts 2.
Well, pie, of course! I like pumkpin ^.^
Hee hee ^^ Poor ST. I love you XD
Italiano? Come quel suono? O quello sarebbe troppo difficile?


Le Français est une si belle langue.

Essayez ceci:

J'aime chanter le matin.

Do you know what I just said?
Je suis désolé, Super Tails! J'ai oublié que vous n'avez pas su le français. Mille pardons! ♪

D'ailleurs, je continue à entendre cette chanson. Rick Roll. I une fois aimé cette chanson. Meh.

Alice, quel est votre caractère préféré?

J'ai dû rester à la maison. J'étais malade.

Comment allez-vous, mes amis?

lol Alice! Pouvez-vous traduire pour eux? Merci! XD
I arrive! I arrive! Me voilà! Oh mercí! Mille pardons! I stay à la maison! Oui!

Oh pauvre bébé! And mais bien sûr I like Roxas and Naminé! Quelle question! They are ze best interest, no? J'insiste they be in the next game!
lol Mythril is fine, but I don't care.

Kingdom Hearts is like a Final Fantasy/Disney thing. My boyfriend hates it just because of that combination XD
@ Mecha: Wow? You were teased since first grade? Oh, pity. So was I. Among other things. Let's see... I was violated when I was 3, then for a whole year when I was 9 by a family member, then when I was 14, and finally 16, which is not too long ago. I've been threatened, people have tried to or begged me to die. I've been abused by many people, including my druggie brothers, who will keep me in my room whenever nobdy but them is home.

Hm. Yea. Poor you. First grade. You have my deepest and most sincerely sarcastic thoughts.
Um, okay, I think you go to the tent and go inside. I'm pretty certain Jane gets kidnapped. If nothing happens then you know that area with the flowers on the vines? Go there.