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Hiya Emopunk! :D That's cool
Huaaaaah! You're also here yesh? Cool O_O I shall make update soon *nod nod* *applies screentones somemore*
Yeah you're right XD
Thank you Line-chan~!! ^^
That's my fave pannel! lol took me awhile with that specially the folds on the bed and blanket XD
Thank you! <3
And-- here's page two!
Wow! Thank you so much TacoTones! *hugs you*
Thanks! ^_^
Yaoi Lover i'm making some more right now, but it will take awhile, you see I don't have a scanner *too poor to afford one* so I draw this using the Pen Tool in Photoshop, one pannel really takes awhile but I update EVERY 3 DAYS so please keep checking back, i'm glad you liked it though! Thank you so much!
You really think it's done well? Yay thanks!
Page 1 ~ 2 will be up about 2 days from now
Thanks! Took me awhile to figure out what i'm doing with those halftones XD
Almost done with the first page